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A collective of like minded artists raised in and around the rural outskirts of Manchester. Bringing together years of musical knowledge & experience to collectively channel their sound into a eclectic hybrid of all the electronic music they were brought up on from youth. Combined with a passion for minimalism, art, design, mathematics and sacred geometry.

CUE SHEET – 183 – Electronic explorations

Boomkat Reviews

001 –  Sterling debut release from the enigmatic Δkkord collective based in the peripheries of Manchester. For now, the provenance of their identity will be on a need-to-know basis: their music will yield more than names could inform. These three tracks are a distillation of their passions for “minimalism, art, design, mathematics and sacred geometry”, and aesthetically occupy darker ground in the shade of the Autonomic sound.

Checking in with the spectral robo-ragga of ‘The Drums’ – sounding something like Burial meets dBridge –

they shapeshift into rolling Electro-Ruffige a la Boddika on ‘Renewal’ catalysed by muscular, rippling arpeggios and pointillist percussions, while ‘Back & Forth’ engages with tensely constructed Electro-step hyperspace. We’re sure you’ll agree; it’s a strong look.


002 – Rolling off rave reviews of their debut, Akkord deploy their 2nd, highly anticipated missive. They’ve played a select handful of live shows since that debut release but their identity remains the preserve of those in the know. For this 2nd excursion, they factor clinical Garage-Techno rollidge with lush field recordings to simulate a dreamy, synaesthetic sort of orbital rave vibe, a kind of pastoral adjunct to Burial’s emotive impressionism, dreaming of warehouses and sticky basements from rural peripheries. They’re confidently taking their sound to new and intriguing interzones beyond the functionalism of mere DJ tools, whilst keeping the ‘floor locked firmly in their sights.

We’ll put our money on the table and say that this one is better than the last and entirely worthy of your attentions.



  2. Rob Booth (1st part) ______
  3. Lucy - Estragon 'Stellate 1' - [Forthcoming 'Stroboscopic Artefacts']
  4. Redshape - The Land - [Forthcoming '3024']
  5. Scuba - The Hope - [Hotflush]
  6. Sigha - How To Disappear - Forthcoming 'Hotflush']
  7. Xhin - The Realm - [Forthcoming 'Token']
  8. DeFeKT - Time Slip - [Forthcoming 'AC Records']
  9. Model 500 - Control - [Forthcoming 'R&S']
  10. Objekt - Cactus - [Hessle Audio]
  11. DeFeKT - Sequence One - [Forthcoming 'AC Records']
  12. Alex Coulton - Candy Flip - [Forthcoming 'Idle Hands']
  13. Al Tourettes - Inventing - [Sneaker Social Club]
  14. Sleeper and District - Transitions - [Forthcoming 'Chestplate']
  15. Distance - Reboot - [Tectonic Recordings]
  16. Dream Continuum - Giv A Lil Luv - [Forthcoming 'Planet Mu']
  17. Burial - Loner - [Hyperdub]
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  19. > Akkord – Exclusive Mix <
  20. No Tracklist - Closely kept secret
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  22. Rob Booth (cont'd)
  23. [16] – Dead Sound & Videohead - Pay Your Due - [soundcloud.com_deadsound666]
  24. [17] – Dark Sky - F Technology - [Forthcoming 'Black Acre']
  25. [18] – Get People - Macaw (Morris Cowan instrumental remix) - [Forthcoming 'Super']
  26. [end]