NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“This mix is about showing that well made techno can be forever timeless to the point where the listener may not even know which song is new or old.  As much as I enjoy playing the newest sounds of Industrial & Techno, I still love to mix a few of my all time favorites old school tracks into a set. I find it is always good to take a little bit of the past to move things forward into the future. The intention of this mix is to do just that. I hope you enjoy!” – Adam X

From his start in 1990, Adam (brother of Frankie Bones) has always stayed on the cutting edge of electronic music. Never restricting himself to just one particular style of techno, Adam’s continuously evolving sound has progressed from the darker moods of early Belgian, German, UK, and Detroit techno, to a harder, more uptempo and futuristic acid sound (often performed live with former partner Jimmy Crash). By the time the acid sound had reached its peak in popularity in 1994, Adam had already moved on to a more stripped-down, minimal approach in his DJing and productions.

“The American techno veteran’s first album in six years ‘Irreformable’ is EBM-influenced dark and oddly funky” – RA

Sometime around the year 2000, Adam was finding himself bored of the music coming out and critical of the direction that techno music was taking. Always anxious to discover sounds he’s never heard before, Adam truly realised what he’d been in search of through an ironic twist of fate that was perfectly timed: a style of music from a totally different music scene than he was used to that perfectly suited his personality and frame of mind – EBM, Powernoise and Industrial. From that point on, Adam’s mission is about bridging the gap between Industrial and Techno and crossing the boundaries between these two parallel scenes of music.[Source: Discogs]

Over the past few years, Adam Mitchell has focused his efforts on the Traversable Wormhole and ADMX-71 side projects. However, as his latest album shows, his Adam X guise is the one that still plays host to his most visceral and thrilling music. Irreformable is a far more brutal articulation of electronic music than any new school industrial/wave-influenced artist. [Source: Juno+] –


“Irreformable is a lot of fun. This is techno stripped of the laptop production grid and transformed into a living, breathing, chaotic entity. We will always need more of that” – RA

“More out there than his work as Traversable Wormhole and his recent release on L.I.E.S., this is as hard as as techno gets while still retaining aggression, melody, abstraction and variety. It’s an engrossing ride, across whole range of associated offshoots, which eloquently points towards a future which is conscious of its history, having fluently articulated its past” – Ibiza Voice



  2. _______________________________________________
  3. 01. Orphx-What Will Burn (Sonic Groove)
  4. 02. Developer Run For The Dark (Developer Archive)
  5. 03. Damon Wild & Tim Taylor-Bang The Acid*Skudge Remix (Synewave)
  6. 04. Xhin-Else( Semantica)
  7. 05. Emmanuel-Quantum Locking (Deeply Rooted)
  8. 06. Wire- (Wire)
  9. 07. Robert Armani Blow That Shit Out *Beltram Remix (ACV)
  10. 08. Meng Syndicate- Sonar System *Speedy J Remix(Music Man)
  11. 09. Circuit Breaker Trax X (Probe)
  12. 10. Adam X Irreformable (Sonic Groove)
  13. 11. Perc & Truss- Forever Your Girl (Perc Trax)
  14. 12. X-Crashed-Where Were You in '92 (The Corner)
  15. 13. Thomas Heckmann-Acid Wreckage (Detuned)
  16. 14. Lory D-4/4 Revenge (Adrenachrome)
  17. 15. BjornTorwellen The Last Of Us*Luis Flores* (Nachtstrom Schallplatten)
  18. 16. Shards Illape (Mord)
  19. 17. Monolith Crashed (Sonic Groove)
  20. 18. UVB-Zakajn (Mord)
  21. 19. Axkan Disrupt Komprezzor Remix (ST 003)