NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“I was pretty ecstatic to be asked to contribute to this particular mix series as it’s one I’ve been following for a long time. I recorded this mix completely live, as generally I feel more comfortable creating mixes that way as it’s more or less exactly how I would play in a club and I really wanted that style to really come across in this mix. In terms of track selection I wasn’t particularly methodical in my approach, I just compiled a load of music that I’ve recently discovered, loved and that is very dance floor friendly. I wanted to include some variation in terms of genre, however, mainly centering around techno and electro and aiming to increase the BPM as the mix progressed to create something very high energy. I hope you enjoy listening to this mix as much as I enjoyed putting it together.” ~ Alexis

‘At different points in her life, Alexis Andrews has lived in Dubai, Amsterdam, Houston and London. If this combination suggests to you a DJ with an open mind, then you’d be right.

After making her start as an assistant and resident at Peckham’s Balamii Radio, Alexis found herself at the centre of a network of international influences whose orbit equipped her with the requisite skills for club fluency. Expect each set to manifest as an onslaught of groove-laced techno, electro, EBM and house, as resistant to trend as criticism.

The same can be said of her production; examples are scarce, but each demonstrates a percussion-forward approach to techno that would find her in good stead amongst the rosters of Die Orakel, Cong Burn, Tobago Tracks and other taste-making outlets.

Clearly, the takeoff is Alexis’ career is imminent; a Noods resident fresh from appearances alongside Objekt, Batu, Ryan Elliot, Paramida and many more, she’s a breath of fresh air in an environment where stagnancy means staleness.’

SC @alexis_andrews


  1. Alexis - 511 - Electronic Explorations
  2. _____________________________________________
  3. 01 Chekov - Rotlicht - [Peach Discs]
  4. 02 Hodge - Raptors [Berceuse Heroique]
  5. 03 Gramrcy - Ruffian (Bruce Remix) [Ancient Monarchy]
  6. 04 Sprawl - Electrome (D’Arcangrlo Remix) [Art-Aud]
  7. 05 Slacker - Next Time [Forthcoming Lobster Theremin]
  8. 06 Xes Noiz - A2 [Nation of Noise]
  9. 07 Strategy - Monsterzellos [The Night Owl Diner]
  10. 08 Bitstream - Switch Holo [Frustrated Funk]
  11. 09 Mosca - Cedar Wood State (Vector Mix) [Not So Much]
  12. 10 LAPS - Who Me? (D. Tiffany & Roza Remix) [DFA Records]
  13. 11 Awesomo - Road To The Dungeon [Zyntax Motorcity]
  14. 12 Bass Clef - Acid Hearse [Happy Skull]
  15. 13 Mor Elian - Feral Chime [Hypercolour]
  16. 14 Giant Swan - Iftloyl [Timedance]
  17. 15 Yuri Urano - Pec [Central Processing Unit]
  18. 16 Peder Mannerfelt - I Stand Up and Say, Toxic Masculinity Has Got To Go Away
  19. 17 Hidden Chambers - Ellijah [Terry Radio]
  20. 18 Sephr - Befallen [Dark Entries]
  21. 19 Abby Echiverri - Nadezhda [The Bunker New York]
  22. 20 Elvis time - Super Bubble [Seven Hills]
  23. 21 Voytek - Operate [art-aud]