NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

With just half a dozen 12” releases since their inception back in 2007, Ancient Methods (the label and act) have already placed a significant stamp on the picture of techno today. Using his long running experience as a resident DJ at Tresor Club Berlin, Ancient Methods  began to produce in 2005, forging a sound that some have described as ‘pitch black techno war funk’. While not an anonymous project, like some may believe, Ancient Methods feel comfortable to be viewed just through their music, rather than through any additional data or manifesto that is often expected in today’s information hungry world.

I first discovered Ancient Methods music via live shows by Regis & Surgeon. Ancient Methods have worked closely with one of my favourite music blogs, known for it’s love of techno.


Boomkat’s description of ancient methods’ music perfectly sums up what you can expect from their ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS mix:

‘pitch black techno war funk’

Just a warning. this mix is pretty fucking brutal. so be prepared, you have been warned… for me and I’m assuming the guys over at MNML SSGS, this is techno at its very best – raw and powerful, without sacrificing quality or care (in the words of MNML SSGS themselves).


  1. __________ ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 203 - Ancient Methods __________
  2. Young Hunting – A List Of Indignities
  3. Ultrahigh – The Revenge Of The Maya Gods (Force Inc.)
  4. Lovecore – Kalk (Auftrieb) / Carter Tutti Void – V3 (Mute)
  5. Kareem vs. Ancient Methods – Zealots Ancient Methods Version (La Fondation Sonore) / Maska Genetik – Ocean (Galakthorrö)
  6. Chris Brann – Detroit vs. Atlanta 12” Hundred Monkeys Mix (Acacia)
  7. Public Energy - Hemi – Sync Pt. 2 (Probe) / NON – Out Out Out (Mute)
  8. Truncate – Transients V2 (Truncate)
  9. Denis Rusnak – Past Four (Arcola)
  10. Delusions – Death Rearranged By Ancient Methods (forthcoming Ballistic)
  11. Marcel Fengler – Thwack P.A.S. Rmx (Mote-Evolver) / Coil – Careful What You Wish For (Important)
  12. Jay Denham –Trash Can (Disko B) / Deathprod – Treetop Drive 2 (Rune Grammofon)
  13. Brendon Moeller – Wanderer Tommy Four Seven Rmx (Electric Deluxe) / Anton Price – Co-rosion (Tryptamine)
  14. Archae & Grovskopa – Choleric (Emergence) / Boards of Canada – Sixyten (Warp)
  15. Regis – Model Friendship (Downwards) / Conrad Schnitzler & Björn Hatterud – Hirschgebrüll Pt. 9 (Fysisk Format)
  16. Svreca – SS09 Yuji Kondo & Katsunori Sawa / Steven Porter Remix (Semantica)
  17. NHK – 111230_2ndhalf (Pan) / Cybersonik – Trash (Plus 8)
  18. Space Time Continuum – Neoteric Strange Attractor Remix (Astralwerks) / M83 – In The Cold I’m Standing (Goom)
  19. Xhin – Through The Lines (Token) / Geir Jenssen - Camp 1 – Himalayan Nightflight (Ash International)
  20. Vatican Shadow – Shooters In The Same Uniforms As Soldiers (Type)
  21. Mondkopf – Ease The Pain (In Paradisum)
  22. Abstract Divison – Deformation (Dynamic Reflection)
  23. Ultra-Red – A16 (Fat Cat)
  24. Exium – Untitled (Tsunami)
  25. Monolith – Tiamat (Sturmmandat)
  26. X-103 – 10000 Chariots (Tresor)
  27. Tommy Four Seven – CH4 Speedy J Rmx (CLR) / Oyaarss - Smaida Greizi Nakamiba (self released)
  28. Twerk – Deconstructed by Sutekh (Delay)
  29. Svreca – Vilna Orphx Rmx (Semantica)
  30. AnD – BNGD (Black Sun) / Jocelyn Pook – Masked Ball 1999 Extended Mix (Virgin)
  31. DJ Hell – Sprung aus den Wolken (Disko B) / The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud – Untitled #3 from A New Soldier Follows The Path Of A New King