NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

One of Ireland’s unsung electronic heroes, Colin N Cloughley aka Anodyne has been making music since the late 90’s, appearing on the seminal MASK offshoot of Skam Records.

EE is really excited for this one… Tech’ed up with 2011 production while nodding back to the 90’s electronic influences like Warp Records, Skam et al, the Empires E.P. features 4 tracks of clattering breakbeat electro, dense with majestic yet melancholic, euphoric yet mournful strings that call to mind Beaumont Hannant, Autechre and Gescom. Already supported by Plaid and Rob Hall, this is some of Anodyne’s finest work to date.

It should come as no surprise that fertile period of rave history has inspired and informed his productions heavily, surfacing in the fierce electro/techno/drum-break hybrid rhythms and dense, majestically mournful chords infusing every track which call to mind Autechre, Gescom and Rob Hall.

Sublime melodies and strings that are simultaneously grounded with guttural low notes, giving Anodyne’s music that very rare quality of being able to sound dark yet euphoric, majestic yet melancholic at the same time. Melodic, affirming and beautiful but in a way that you could never ever call cheesy.

Bursting back into the public eye in 2010 with the “Corrosion” album, it became clear the degree of respect his music enjoys, with remix work coming in from the likes of The Black Dog, Lackluster and the mighty Autechre themselves.

Look out for further remix work to come form the Combat crew, including Boris Noiz, Subjex, Naeked and more.
Thanks for the DJ support so far: Rob Booth, Plaid, Threnody, ScanOne, Noiz, Rob Hall, Kirsti


Threnody has been producing computer music since the early 2000s having evolved his sound from his early output for guitars and a 4-track.

Always on the dark outskirts of dubstep, breakbeat, jungle & electronica his music is characterised by deep atmospheres & soundscapes, warped bass & intricate drumwork. Threnody’s production work has become increasingly orchestral and glitch driven with thick basses and fragmented vocals whilst as a DJ he has performed across Europe devastating dancefloors with a tuff and energetic sound. Recently he has recorded exclusive mixes for Get Darker and The Centrifuge in addition to this mix for Electronic Explorations.

So far Threnody has had a series of releases on leftfield dubstep & electronica labels including Combat Recordings, Creative Space, Rottun, Red Volume, Urban Graffiti, Yellow Machines, Dubkraft & Furioso. He also started his own label UK Trends in 2009 which has been used as a base for releasing his own material and breaking new artists.

Threnody’s debut album is out in 2011 with further EPs to follow under the Threnody banner as well as the Not In My Name & Disrepute At The Hands of my Idol aliases. You can catch Threnody live on Sub FM every Thursday 12-2am

“I feel this mix really encompasses my ideal sound as a DJ. Bass heavy music with a strong emphasis on rhythm and melodics.This explores my deeper more abstract side with tracks from artists like Oyaarss & Not In My Name and also my hype dancefloor side with artists like Blackmass Plastics, D’Explicit & Succulent-C. All interwoven with tracks from myself most of which will be appearing on my album. This mix has given me the opportunity to delve deeper than a club mix and explore and highlight the extremes of my sound as a DJ and a producer. I tried to let the tracks melt into each other, building layers of beats and melody before resolving and exploding at the drops, giving each track time to explore each element of the previous one – touching each beat before setting itself free.”

Photo credit: Ali Wade


  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 157 - Anodyne & Threnody
  2. Rob Booth (part 01)
  3. V.I.V.E.K – The Big Bang – [Deep Medi Musik]
  4. V.I.V.E.K – Sirens – [Deep Medi Musik]
  5. Nightwave – Night Bird (Unknown To The Unknown Remix) – [Svetlana Industries]
  6. Amon Tobin – Surge (16bit Version) – [Forthcoming 'Ninja Tune']
  7. Nightwave – Feel – [Forthcoming 'Svetlana Industries']
  8. K.GoL – Glibz – [Forthcoming 'Electrostimulation Records']
  9. Anstam – Baldwin – [50 Weapons]
  10. Kansas City Prophets – Blessed 1110 – [Unreleased]
  11. Kuedo – Take Off Remix – [Forthcoming 'Planet Mu']
  12. Kuedo – Shutter Light Girl (Heterotic Remix) – [Forthcoming 'Planet Mu']
  13. Sigha – I Am Apathy, I Am Submission – [Forthcoming 'Blueprint']
  14. Sigha – HF029A1 – [Hotflush]
  15. _____________
  16. Anodyne Mix
  17. Empire of Glass [Empires EP - Combat Recordings]
  18. Empire of Dust [Empires EP - Combat Recordings]
  19. When The Sky Fell Down [Corrosion - Psychonavigation Records]
  20. Brawdcast – 3 Amigos (anodyne remix) [Psychonavigation Records]
  21. åœ°ç „ (Hell) / Jigoku [Destruction 808 - Earwiggle]
  22. Corrosion [Corrosion - Psychonavigation Records]
  23. _____________
  24. Rob Booth (Cont’d)
  25. Bop – Morning Air – [Med School]
  26. Com Truise – VHS Sex – [Forthcoming 'Ghostly International']
  27. FaltyDL – Hard – [Swamp81]
  28. Dam Mantle – We – [Forthcoming 'getme!']
  29. Kontext – Searching_For_Transcendental – [Immerse]
  30. Urban Tribe – Rational Numbers – [Rephlex]
  31. _____________
  32. Threnody Mix
  33. Threnody – Experience of Silence [dub]
  34. Oyaarss – P?rejošs kaut kas [dub]
  35. Threnody – The Sound is Very Soft [dub]
  36. Coleco – Morbid Curiosity [Orientis]
  37. Threnody – Consciousness is Exploding [dub]
  38. Blackmass Plastics – Paranoia Agent [dub]
  39. Threnody – Be There [UK Trends dub]
  40. Succulent-C – Grime Time [UK Trends dub]
  41. Big Narstie & D’Explicit – Gas Leak [dub]
  42. Threnody – Into Night [dub]
  43. Not In My Name – Unbreathed [UK Trends]
  44. Threnody – Against The Music [dub]
  45. _____________
  46. Rob Booth (Cont’d)
  47. Quantec – A Long Way Home – [Forthcoming 'Creative Space']
  48. Arthur Oskan – Sentimental (featuring Jesse Somfay) – [Thoughtless Music]