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“Inspiration for me tends to come from outside. Much of the music I chose comes from not from my immediate surroundings but further afield – Construct Re-Form in France, Iori in Japan, the always excellent Resin label. What’s exciting to me is music that sits just outside my own perimeter” – Asusu

Asusu made his debut in 2009 for the inaugural release on Project Squared, combining his passion for garage with a newly discovered love of techno. Since then, his sound has explored new recesses of UK dance music, re-appropriating house and techno within UK sound system culture, all the while retaining his early ties with the dubstep/techno axis. His latest venture has been the creation of a new label called Impasse. He also works with Peverelist and Kowton as part of the Livity Sound label and live show, where his blend of influences contribute to the trios shared ethos of creating uncompromising, raw music to dance to.

[Following taken from RA] Asusu has revealed details of a new record label called Impasse, launching next month.   Along with Kowton and Peverelist, Asusu forms one-third of Livity Sound. Since 2011 all of his original material has appeared on Livity’s own label, while 2014 saw him remix Efdemin’s “Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes” for Dial. He’ll kick off his own label with a solo four-track EP titled Serra, which will arrive in February on vinyl and digital formats. Asusu says Impasse will be a “platform for experimentation, both within the framework of techno and house as well as music that falls outside these constraints.”   Listen to snippets of Serra below.

A1 Serra
B1 Anglo Skin
B2 Arrhythmia
B3 Low Art

Impasse released Serra on February 16th, 2015.


  2. __________________________________________
  3. 01. Marcelus - It's Out There - [Singular Records]
  4. 02. Eduardo De La Calle – Skeletalism - [Semantica]
  5. 03. Birth of Frequency - Surround The Silence (Antigone Remix) - [Construct Re-Form]
  6. 04. Voiski - In a Straight Line -[Syncrophone Recordings]
  7. 05. Malin - Deorbital Descent (Yaleesa Hall Remix) - [Forthcoming Will & Ink]
  8. 06. Asusu – Trephine - [Unreleased]
  9. 07. Alex Coulton - Freefall (Funtion & Inland Remix) - [Forthcoming BLOC]
  10. 08. Iori - Wave - [Phonica]
  11. 09. Pessimist – Untitled - [Unreleased]
  12. 10. Szare - Knives of Sinai - [Frozen Border]
  13. 11. Pris - Pencil Pusher - [Resin]
  14. 12. Divided - Dawn - [Resin]
  15. 13. Skee Mask - Serum (Session 1) - [Illian Tape]