NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“We’re primarily live musicians, rather than DJ’s. We initially thought of playing out the mix as a live improvisation, but since we’ve got a lot of new music about to be released and finally starting to play some live shows out and about, we instead decided that it’s a rare occasion for us to share some of the music we listen to.
We’ve been organising the early stages of a new collaborative experimental collective of sorts, which will be known as COMMS UNION.”

Fusing improvisational chaos, serious technical chops and an insatiable urge to create very strange sounds, Chrononautz are making some of the most exciting and original techno in 2015, though their unrestrained music goes far beyond mere functionalism.

Grinding acidic gear and psycotropic madness; esoteric beastings and passages of serene calm; clam fisted grin smithery and off kilter wreckage, the music made by Dom Clare and Leon Carey is the product of an endearing friendship and years spent agitating in the more obscure corners of the Leeds underground. Playing music together since 2000, they initially started to experiment with electronic sounds in the lauded Chops, a band who ably joined the dots between cranky lo fi electronics and the open ended spirit of free jazz. Splitting in 2010, the pair then briefly formed Runners before finding their true calling as Chrononautz.

“The manifesto for the label is basically to link the people “who live and breathe music and who really give a shit” from our old noise, free jazz and art-rock worlds with our techno mates, and push everyone into sharing their expertise and learning/making something new. Having fun out of the comfort zone in a supportive atmosphere! I’m bored of people treating music like a competition. We’ve found a lot of younger artists starting up in and around Leeds; I think we recognise some of the punk fire in their bellies from when we were the same age. I really tried to find some more females to contribute to the mix, as I’m really conscious of presenting a bro-fest. I’m sure they’re out there.”

Finding themselves on repeated rotation at The Quietus headquarters, a meeting between the pair and Quietus Associate Editor Luke Turner one grey Sunday morning at Corsica Studios proved fortuitous, and led to their signing on tQPC, as Turner recalled:

‘‘Truth be told, part of the reason we put ‘Noments’ out was because it was 7am after Plex / BleeD / Them at Corsica Studios last November and I’d met Chrononautz outside in a state of not insignificant discombobulation. I really liked and admired their attitude, just hammering back and forth down the M1 on the £1 Megabus to go raving, and said there and then that we’d definitely be interested in doing something with them. What I love about ‘Noments’ is you whack it on and each side is this exciting 20 minute cruise through all sorts of grubby places and sounds that don’t really sound like what anyone else is doing at the moment’’

‘‘You can hear their grounding in non-techno types of music, yet they’re still making a form of techno. There’s a huge amount of musical flotsam and jetsam bashing around in what they do, it’s linear with an amazing groove but there’s so much banging around and getting muddled up and you’re never quite sure which way it’s going to go. I love that you could imagine hearing them play at a noise rock festival alongside something batshit crazy like Sly & The Family Drone just as you might mess up your shoes to them at 5am in some godforsaken railway arch. But rest assured: this is rave music through and through; proper Aire and Calder Navigation rave-up’’

“There’s a few emerging names from Leeds like the brilliant and exceptionally lovely HDMZ who has releases out on Lobster Theremin… as well as some more reclusive artists, the kind of people who never tell you they make music but just get on with making nuts shit, so there’s people like Deerman releasing music out into the public sphere for the first time. Also, my most sincere apologies to Happa who kindly sent us some new tunes, but I just couldn’t get them to work in this mix – a little confirmation that we are a bona-fide live act and not ‘proper’ DJ’s, and by no means an insult to those new tunes of his, which are all stormers!”

Self released in 2014, their ‘Public Domain Fuckover Series #1-6’ was quickly picked up by the likes of fellow Leeds resident, ex Blacknecks and all round mischievous techno impresario Bleaching Agent as well as Quietus editor John Doran. Drawing on a welter of influences and honing long improvisational sessions, the music contained on the series was an intense, often brutal, depth charge exploration into warped acidic crank. With most tracks hitting the 20 minute mark, their heady vision took hold in a pleasingly immersive fashion, and the series was eventually listed in The Quietus Albums of the Year 2014.

“There’s stuff on here jammed out on guitars, live-hand-coded algorithms, live static fizz from Ocelocelot aka Mel from Leeds psychedelic legends Ashtray Navigations, a few treats from a brilliant local experimental label Sheepscar Light Industrial, and some music from old friends of ours from further afield like Coby Sey and Mat Dryhurst. It’s a genuine honour to share this with EE, which has been responsible for turning us on to so much amazing music over the years, and hopefully listeners will find some new gems.”

Holding no truck with either over-produced sheen or lumpen functionality, Chrononautz display a sense of uninhibited raw dynamism that, when combined with an uncanny musical telepathy, also brings explosive results in whichever underground sweatbox they happen to attend to. Running their SECT club night in Leeds, they have been pushing their inimitable rough shod techno primitivism and acidic divination to heaving back rooms in their home city while recent London shows have been similarly anarchic.

2015, however, is all about ‘Noments’; a record that truly captures the pairs musical essence. Stemming from a desire to start afresh after two years of near constant writing, improvising and recording, ‘Noments’ finds Chrononautz delivering their most compelling audio thus far, offering unexpected turns, twisted sound design and moments of rare esoteric beauty.


  1. Electronic Explorations - 383 - Chrononautz
  2. ___________________________________________
  3. 01. Mat Dryhurst - MINE: Chapter One
  4. 02. Claus Poulsen - Pressure Points (Sheepscar Light Industrial)
  5. 03. Demonic Glare - Scrape The Barrell To Success!
  6. 04. Chrononautz - Cybele (One Eyed Jacks July 2015)
  7. 05. Rick Holland - I Remember (Late Night Tales: Jon Hopkins)
  8. 06. Deerman - The Short Story
  9. 07. Ocelocelot - Khnum Strut
  10. 08. XAM - Life Of Riley (Deep Distance 2015)
  11. 09. Sim Hutchins - Wasp Cell (Ecology Tapes)
  12. 10. Sebastian Oldsmith - Condense (Wonkystuff)
  13. 11. Hagman - TKT and TMS (Sheepscar Light Industrial)
  14. 12. Deerman - The Bees
  15. 13. HDMZ - Drrd
  16. 14. Brian Eno & The Words Of Rick Holland - Sounds Alien (Warp)
  17. 15. Jim Sandford - Diamond Geyser
  18. 16. Dronelock & Ontal - Attack And Defend (Shadow Story)
  19. 17. Illsmiths - Aremotherfuckin
  20. 18. Cellar Dweller - Chopditt
  21. 19. Coby Sey - Gated
  22. 20. Kommune1 - TS1
  23. 21. HDMZ - Grafsog
  24. 22. Demonic Glare - Detached Nodes Of Cold
  25. 23. Michael Clough - Atem Tanz (Sheepscar Light Industrial)
  26. 24. Bleaching Agent - Static Renegade (Overlee Assembly 2015)
  27. 25. Ford Foster & Hoshina Anniversary - Freedom (???!!! 2015)
  28. 26. Chrononautz - Fine Grade Carbide
  29. 27. Chrononautz - Coarse Grade Carbide