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It started with a tape. This tape should have been left to rot, but some people never learn. Now the dark spirits resting within the recording have been summoned upon the living. Its the end of the world as we know it     ….Can you survive the ate-oh-ate apocalypse?

October 2012 saw the release of Dawn Day Night’s debut EP, out on Astrophonica

Boomkat wrote: Fresh from wrecking it with Fracture on ‘Get Busy’, Dawn Day Night mans up solo on four supremely tight Trap>>Footwork>>Jungle hybrids. It’s a sound many are exploring right now – Machinedrum, Om Unit, Kode 9, Fracture etc – and one only a handful are getting really, really right; just like this plate. A-side he comes classic sounding with the blushing chords and ghetto-clipped breaks of ‘Alcoholic Dance Flow’ before ‘Death Of Scorpio’ gets freakin’ wild with diced funk samples laced to pneumatic subs and Shy FX-meets-Rashad-style breaksploitation. B-side tips the scales to big-booty Trap styles, re-engineering the compatible DNA of minimal D&B and coke-rap to deadly effect, while ‘Voodoo Vibe’ steps out on a darkside Afro-futurist flex. Big recommendation!!!

Upcoming Show

06/12/2012  –  Dawn Day Night @ The Shacklewell Arms, London


  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 231 - Dawn Day Night
  2. _____________________________________________
  3. "Dawn Day Night's Ate-Oh-Ate Apocalypse Mix"
  4. 01. Evil Dead vs PYE Corner Audio
  5. 02. Dawn Day Night - The Reanimation of Scottie
  6. 03. DaVinChe - Phaze
  7. 04. Ate-Oh-Ate Apocalypse scene #1
  8. 05. Dawn Day Night - Ice In My Mouth [VIP edit]
  9. 06. Machinedrum Vs BOC
  10. 07. Ate-Oh-Ate Apocalypse scene #2
  11. 08. Arp101 x Elliot Yorke - Fluro Black
  12. 09. Philip D Kick - R.I.P Footwork Jungle edit
  13. 10. Machinedrum - They Know Your Name
  14. 11. Dawn Day Night - Voodoo Vibe [extended version]
  15. 12. Mark Pritchard - Manabadman
  16. 13. House Of Black Lanterns Vs Ghettozoid - Doin' It RIght
  17. 14. Ate-Oh-Ate Apocalypse scene #3
  18. 15. Lewis James - Vesuvius
  19. 16. Ate-Oh-Ate Apocalypse scene #4
  20. 17. Manni Dee & Deft - This One, The Art Of The Possible
  21. 18. Danny Scrilla - Obeah
  22. 19. Back II Basics - Can't Hold Back [Dawn Day Night edit]
  23. 20. LV - Drop Out Jungle
  24. 21. D.O.P.E - When I Was Young [DJ Easy D & T Bag's Revisited mix]
  25. 22. Ate-Oh-Ate Apocalypse scene #5
  26. 23. Manni Dee - Strategies
  27. 24. Ate-Oh-Ate Apocalypse scene #6
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