NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“This is a vinyl only mix of some records that don’t leave the record bag and that inspired me over the last while”

Matthew Flanagan is one of the electro revelations of recent years. His well-received, almost Blade-Runner-ish “Stimulus” digital LP in 2010 was soon followed by a couple of astonishing 12″ releases. He has since dropped tracks for labels such as Takeover, BFP, Alkalinear, New Flesh, AC, Solar One Music,Signal Code and Combat Recordings.

Heavily influenced by advanced technologies, sci-fi culture, and synthetic music. the Dublin-based DeFeKT appears as an accomplished electro producer and dj who has no equal on stage.

His live sets are pure genius. Combining influences from the machine-funk of Kraftwerk to the electrobass of Detroit, his cutting edge sound is a solid mixture of stripped down feelings, and synthesized melodies. His dark yet nostalgic electro music comes from the use of warm drum machines, hardware, and intriguing analogue equipment, plus modular synths.

Upcomng gig:
15th Feburary in Twisted Pepper‘ for !Kaboogie 7th birthday bash

Upcoming 12″ on Signal Code Records out in new few weeks link to preview below:


  2. __________________________________________
  3. DeFeKT - Granular intro
  4. DeFeKT - Bring back CV - [Signal Code Reocrds]
  5. Conforce - when it appeared - [Delsin]
  6. Hardfloor - Skill Shot (versalife version 2) - [intergroove]
  7. DeFeKT - Switch - [Signal Code Records]
  8. 214 - Fuzzy Leash - [Yellow machines]
  9. Clatterbox - Semi-Automatic x lok44 - [TRUST]
  10. The Exaltics - The midnight Connexion - [Solar One Music]
  11. Boris Noiz - Panorama - [Yellow Machines]
  12. Jon Convex - Radar - [Nonplus+]
  13. Instra-mental - Pyramid - [3024]
  14. Boris Noiz - Puls - [Yellow machines]
  15. Randomer - Freak dub - [Hemlock]