NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

Deformer (aka Mike Redman) from Rotterdam City, pushes musical boundaries since the early 90’s as one of the frontrunners of Dutch Jungle music. Their sound fuses different genres into a venomous blend of electronic mayhem, from Breakcore to any core possible it seems. Deformer has collaborated with Rap giants Public Enemy, killed renowned festivals like Lowlands and served the international underground scene along the way. They delivered street favorites like ‘The Possessor’ and ‘Slasher’. Deformer challenges people to come out of their homes to experience their ‘soundcannibalism’ and therefore you won’t easily find their stuff online. Even though Deformer has a tight fan-base and influenced many artists throughout the years, this is still pretty hard to find stuff.

For this exclusive Electronic Explorations mix you will encounter Deformer’s musical diversity. It’s a blend of classic tracks like ‘Meatcleaver’, unknown cuts, but also some brand new yet to be released dubs.

It also contains tracks from their side projects Videopacolypz and Wormskull (with Bong-Ra and Balazs Pandi). Remixes by 6Blocc, long time friend and collaborator Bong-Ra and Public Enemy. Deformer first introduced Jungle with toasting in ‘Sranan tongo’ (language from Surinam) by inviting Scapu Lox to lay down some vocals. LA based lyricist BLS spits deep on ‘Savage Survival’. This mix also includes the Rotterdam Gabber influenced new direction to Dubstep called ‘Defcore’, a grinding half-tempo alternative that brings the popularized genre back to where it belongs…

Deformer released on Mike Redman’s own label Redrum Recordz as well as Clash, Mindtrick and is about to drop a new e.p. on PRSPCT RVLT September 2012.

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  1. Deformer - The Blackout (intro)
  2. Videopacolypz - Videopacolypz G2012
  3. Deformer - Savage Survival (feat. Scapu Lox & BLS)
  4. Deformer - Damien Dub
  5. Deformer - The Follower (6Blocc remix)
  6. Deformer vs Wormskull - Nosebleed (remix)
  7. Deformer - Extreme Deformity
  8. Deformer - Freaqks
  9. Deformer - Syko
  10. Deformer vs The Sound of Rotterdam - Destroy Him (remix)
  11. Deformer - Crucify
  12. Deformer - Heart Attack
  13. Deformer vs Public Enemy - Check what you’re listening to (remix)
  14. Deformer - Meatcleaver
  15. Deformer - HeadCracker
  16. Deformer - Who broke my beats?!
  17. Deformer - Diabolical (Bong-Ra remix)
  18. Deformer - Diabolical
  19. Deformer - Screamer
  20. Deformer - Hybrid
  21. Bong-Ra vs Deformer - Dede Ede (feat Scapu Lox)
  22. Videopacolypz – Gamecore