NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“Hi Rob, hope you’re good. Where I was coming from with the mix? … A lot of the time when people say electronic music these days they automatically think dance music, more so I would say the younger generations I feel …. but in my eyes electronic music been here for years in many different forms which are not necessary dance music.

I was trying to show a little history of electronic music/timeline from the abstract Si-fi sounding “Manya” by jazz musician George Duke made in 1969 or the Brian Eno & David Bryne “come with us” made 1981 to the more modern sound we have today such as DJ venom “Brazillika” made in 2000. Also wanted to show how the sound of electronic music has changed over the years, but still the same thing.
I could have gone on for years pulling tracks from acts such as New Order/Joy Division, Mantronix, john fox, mod, masters at work, Moodyman, Benga, Human League, Devo, but I had to stop somewhere.”    

“We Will Not Harm You” sees “UK bass legend” (Mixmag) Dobie release his first album since 1997’s classic, “The Sound Of One Hand Clapping” (Pussyfoot). Thirteen tracks of deep, beautifully worked instrumental music, based in hip hop but touching on techno, house, dubstep, latin, twostep, jazz, soul, funk and everything in between, “We Will Not Harm You” is a work of art from one of the pillars of the Black British music scene.

Created over the eighteen months, “We Will Not Harm You” sees Dobie develop the style pioneered on his two EPs for Big Dada and take it still further. In combining his love of classic breaks with the most contemporary music-making techniques, his feel for soul with the essential rawness of his hip hop education, Dobie makes something unique and timeless.

So “Blip 124” runs bleep back through the bloco, “Stan Lee Is Hero Of Mine” pits funk drumming against a snaking, evil, electronic bassline, and first single “She Moans” is an exercise in the interaction between percussion and bottom end, a kind of deconstruction of dubstep back into its consitutuent parts. Tunes like “The Chant” and “Crunch Factor No.5” are an insturmental hip hop as hard, edgy and psychedelic as anything coming out of the LA Beat Scene, “Snap, Crackle & Pop” takes the spirit of breaking and spins it out into space, “Magenta” re-thinks the house grooove. “Then I Woke Up,” meanwhile, is an exercise in psychotic mood music, “Somewhere Over There” is the kind of beautiful, soulful interlude you’d expect to find on an obscure soul-jazz B side, while “She Wiggles When She Walks” is a shimmering, transcendent conclusion to a great album.

Dobie is a producer, DJ, photographer and skateboarder who has worked with everyone from Soul II Soul, Tricky and London Posse to Massive Attack, Hal Willner, Les Negresses Verte and Bjork.

As well as his music, “We Will Not Harm You” will showcase many of Dobie’s photographs, documenting both the skate scene and the early UK hip hop scene, as well as an essay on his music and life by cultural commentator Jason Jules. In addition, the cover art has been specially painted by his good friend (and Turner Prize winning artist) Chris Ofili. A true hidden legend of underground British bass music, Dobie’s new album takes his roots in hop hop and explodes them to the stars. Listen and learn.

“This gentle giant of a man has always been there, quietly doing his thing and making himself something of a hero to those in the know… a tough and frenetic, yet musically ambitious ride that sums up the wide variety of influences in his sound.” – Echoes
“[A] UK bass legend” – Mixmag
“Synonymous with quality black music” – Pulse
“Marvellous… a joy” – Drowned in Sound
“Fast, heavy and direct techno, half step, Afro and hip hop” – Clash
“Stunningly varied… a clattering monster” – Knowledge
“A brilliantly crafted, intelligently presented piece of dance artistry” – The Digital Fix



  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 241 - Dobie - [Big Dada | Ninja Tune]
  2. Rob Booth (1st Part) _________________________________________________
  3. [01] - Diamond Version - Turn On Tomorrow - [Forthcoming ‘Mute’]
  4. [02] - Diamond Version - Turn On Tomorrow (Version) - [Forthcoming ‘Mute’]
  5. [03] - Bandshell - Winton - [Forthcoming ‘Liberation Technologies’]
  6. [04] - Alan Backdrop - Ramas - [Forthcoming 'Motoguzzi Records']
  7. [05] - Tessela - Hackney Parrot - [Forthcoming 'Poly Kicks']
  8. [06] - Tessela - Helter Skelter- [Forthcoming 'Poly Kicks']
  9. [07] - Bandshell - Nice Mullet - [Forthcoming ‘Liberation Technologies’]
  10. [08] - The Black Dog - Bleep Four – [Forthcoming 'Dust Science Recordings']
  11. [09] - Stormfield - Rebuild (DeFeKT Remix) - [Forthcoming 'Combat Recordings']
  12. [10] - Dadub - Truth - [Forthcoming 'Stroboscopic Artefacts']
  13. [11] - Brendon Moeller - Far Out (Mike Parker Remix) - [Forthcoming 'Electric Deluxe']
  14. [12] - Actress - Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion - [Werk Discs]
  15. [13] - Call Super - Leosengor – [Forthcoming ‘HOUNDSTOOTH’]
  16. [14] - Alis - Azimuth - [Forthcoming ‘Don't Be Afraid’]
  17. __________
  18. Dobie – Exclusive Timeline Session mix for EE 1969 – 2000
  19. Intro - Troglodyte
  20. George Duke - Manya – [1969]
  21. Dick Hyman - Give It Up Turn It Loose – [1971]
  22. Shuggie Otis - Xl-30 – [1974]
  23. Jan Hammer - Don't You Know – [1977]
  24. Cat Stevens - Was Dog A Ddonut – [1977]
  25. Brian Eno & David Byrne - come with us – [1981]
  26. E.T Boogie - Extra T's – [1982]
  27. Wally Badarou - Mambo – [1984]
  28. T La Rock - It’s Yours – [1984]
  29. Original Concept - Knowledge Me – [1986]
  30. Jean Luc Pointy - In The Fast Lane – [1989]
  31. Chocolate Fudge - In A Fantasy – [1990]
  32. Rheji Burrell - Luv 2 Lug U – [1991]
  33. DJ Venom - Brazillika – [2000]
  34. __________
  35. Rob Booth (cont'd)
  36. [15] - Synkro – Mutual Divide (ft. Indigo) – [Apollo]