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Heavy, dense, suffocating and massive: here comes Fausten, the new collaborative project by Monster-X and Stormfield. This Electronic Explorations set began as a mix, but quickly evolved into a remixing of the entire Fausten album, with additional influences thrown in.

“A typical track doesn’t glide so much as lurch and trudge, the effect akin to a corpse being dragged across the chamber floor to make way for the next victim. Rhythms writhe and throb as if gripped by seizures while clanks and whirrs form an ultra-dense industrial soundtrack. The duo load their tracks with so much Autechre-like detail, the listener feels almost suffocated by the crushing sound design. Raw, misanthropic, merciless, deranged, and brutal are words that come to mind as one subjects oneself to the release.” – Textura Blog

Fausten perform live twice in Germany this autumn, at the ‘Maschinenfest‘ in Oberhausen, this September and also ‘Burn the Machine’ festival in Berlin this November. Separate sets also from Monster X and Stormfield / Combat A.V.

More of a longitudinal meeting of minds than a collaboration, Fausten are in it ’til the end..
For their Fausten project, Julien (Monster X) and Derek (Stormfield) have recoiled from what is considered acceptable and safe and magnified that force back 100 times into their sound and vision.
An eponymous album emerged in April 2013 and featured 11 tracks of filthy heavy, abrasive electronic music. Dark and confident, the sound is difficult to define, but very familiar at the same time; a smashed hybrid of Techno, Glitch, Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Electro.
The overall sound design of the album is wonderful. Though the tracks could be considered obnoxious and challenging upon first impression, the contrast of the distortion against the immense bass eventually reveals a unexpected subtlety and finesse that demands to be acknowledged and appreciated. It’s highly recommended.         

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  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 269 - Fausten (Black Sunday Mix)
  2. ____________________________________________________
  3. 01 - Quotation from Seul contre Tous - “Alone”
  4. 02 - Nonima - Chakici Inverse (Fausten reverse)
  5. 03 - Fausten - Purify
  6. 04 - Fausten - Portal (X-point remix)
  7. 05 - Fausten - Possessed (Ambient)
  8. 06 - Fausten - Krokodil
  9. 07 - Fausten - Putrefaction
  10. 08 - Cloaks - Junk (Faustenized)
  11. 09 - Fausten - Rebort (the unwanted)
  12. 10 - Fausten - Kranial (Jaws edit)
  13. 11 - Dune OST - The Emperor
  14. 12 - Fausten - Stahlschlachten
  15. 13 - Fausten - 8 Limbs
  16. 14 - Fausten - Inquisitor
  17. 15 - Fausten - Eviscerate
  18. 16 - Fausten - Ritual
  19. 17 - Fausten - Scalpel Song (slices)
  20. 18 - Material - Mantra (The Orb remix) (Fausten processed)
  21. 19 - Autechre - Draun Quarter (Fausten update)
  22. 20 - Quotation from Werner Herzog - The Burden of Dreams OST
  23. 21 - Fausten - Fugue of Dog and Pig