NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

This set was recorded in July at the legendary Tresor club. It was a stellar line-up including DJ Stingray, Dopplereffekt, Helena Hauff and my first time there. I played a closing set starting at 5am and it was about two and a half hours long. Actually, the longest set I have done thus far. That was OK since I have some 5-6 hours worth of live material so I could have went on for longer. The crowd seemed to be loving it but I think the bar staff wanted their bed after 7am so it had to end! It’s great to have the opportunity to play a longer set as it gives me scope to weave a deeper, unrestrained and distinct musical landscape.


There is an EP with Helena Hauffs label which will be sometime 2018. A long planned album plus various EP’s in various states of development imminent for 2018



Razor sharp percussion blur with shards of vocal snippets. Cinematic vistas twist into militant waste ground electronics. Earthy ambiences morph into organic poly-rhythms. A sound as equally varied as it is evocative, Galaxian comfortably occupies a space outside of the easily definable. His sound is often hard to classify but never less than absorbing. He’s never an artist to become stagnant or take the obvious route. Releases on labels including Last Known Trajectory and more recently with DJ Stingray on Shipwrec are both distinctive and remarkably vital and have further cemented his reputation for pushing boundaries in unexpected and exciting new directions.

A provocative visual style, political and philosophical attitude further submerge the listener in Galaxian’s visions and ideas. Kitted out in trademark helmet and mask, as if to foresee a collapse of the current social paradigm, his live shows command attention. With an evolving and immersive atmosphere live shows have a raw and powerful energy resulting in a climatic experience. 2017 promises a host of 12″ releases on the impressive Shipwrec, Greece’s Lower Parts and new label Foul-Up. Harnessing his appetite for an uncompromising and authentic approach Galaxian proceeds to captivate, challenge, defy and redefine the sonic parameters.


  1. Galaxian LIVE @ Ohm Tresor - 480 - Electronic Explorations
  2. ______________________________________________________________________
  3. 01. ?????
  4. 02. Totally Controlled (Galaxian X Stingray) [Shipwrec]
  5. 03. ?????
  6. 04. Forget About It [Foul-Up]
  7. 05. ?????
  8. 06. Autorun [Transient Force]
  9. 07. If You Want [Transient Force]
  10. 08. Decoy [Anti-Social Network]
  11. 09. ?????
  12. 10. Spearhead [Unreleased]
  13. 11. Token Gesture [Lower Parts]
  14. 12. Tunnel Vision [Foul-Up]
  15. 13. Days Of Rage [Shipwrec]
  16. 14. Messianic Delusion [Unreleased]
  17. 15. ?????
  18. 16. Nond3
  19. 17. Spyware [Unreleased]
  20. 18. Warhead [Last Known Trajectory]
  21. 19. Overthrow [Last Known Trajectory]
  22. 20. The Structure (Galaxian X Stingray) [Unreleased]
  23. 21. Cacusi4o10 (Galaxian X Stingray) [Shipwrec]
  24. 22. Impossible Promises [Lower Parts]
  25. 23. Surge [Last Known Trajectory]
  26. 24. Acerbix [Unreleased]
  27. 25. We Are Not Afraid To Act [Lower Parts]
  28. 26. You Don’t Matter [Unreleased]
  29. 27. Babylon Falls [Unreleased]
  30. 28. Dosing The Population [Lower Parts]
  31. 29. ????? [Unreleased]
  32. 30. Golden Armageddon [Unreleased]
  33. 31. Show Of Force [Repitch]