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Hatti Vatti (Piotr Kaliski) is a dubstep/dubtechno pro­ducer asso­ci­ated with Mind­set.

He per­ma­nently col­lab­o­rates with Sara Brylewska (vocal) and Maciek Sala­mon (video). He worked with a British vocal­ist named Echo Ranks and has a fine col­lec­tion of remixes under his belt. Hatti Vatti’s debut vinyl sin­gle got an inter­na­tional release in Sep­tem­ber 2009. Hatti Vatti per­forms as a DJ and also pro­vides a sought-after live-act. He also runs the Kanu Kanu vinyl imprint. After long break (last release: Mindset 12″ in 2009 – Polish producer Hatti Vatti has returned with new material and two forthcoming 12″ EP’s on New Moon and On The Edge. Along with Untold, LV, Geiom or Girl Unit he produced exlusive material for Kid Kameleon’s EE mix #135 (December 2010).

“Here’s a 25 minute mix of Hatti Vatti’s sound – showcase of his older material, tunes remixed by legendary Andy Stott and by rising Bristolian Phealeh, latest 170 bpm material plus dubplates from associated labels / producers”

Hatti Vatti also runs vinyl label “Kanu Kanu“. The aim of the label is to promote interesting and original artists from the world of forward-thinking dub techno, minimalistic dubstep / DNB and experimental music. SOUNDCLOUD FACEBOOK


Distal is an already established 28-year-old veteran of Electronic music. Forgetting bpm and genre to the masses, he relies only on his signature sound alone to leave its mark. He produces a wide array of moods, tempos and rhythms, often taking influences from his early childhood love of techno, jungle and hardcore.

Before entering the world of production head on Distal spent a few years under the microscope at Georgia State University researching a sensational auditory phenomenon called Synesthesia. One day while digging through break-core records he stumbled upon a sound that would inspire him to launch his production career (Pinch – Punisher on Planet Mu). Using his newfound passion, traditional teachings and his scientific studies in unison he ran head first into the studio winter of 2007.

In early 2010 Distal started his own label ‘Embassy Recordings’ with childhood friend Ethan Anderson (MITE). Soon there after in the summer of 2010 he would receive his inaugural physical vinyl release with the legendary label Soul Jazz Records. This would be the launch pad for his career landing him releases on stalwart labels such as Tectonic and Tube10 and gigs at places like the world renowned Fabric in London touring globally alongside artists like Pearson Sound and Africa Hi Tech.

From his initial release in 2010 until now in 2012 Distal has put out almost a dozen 12” vinyl releases and that many more digital releases, collaborations and remixes for prolific labels like Frite Nite and Trouble & Bass. But his biggest accomplishment will come in the form of a 14 track Album on Tectonic in the spring appropriately named ‘Civilization’.

Looking ahead Distal is already thinking about future projects, and how to genuinely push things forward and farther than he has in the past. He lives to create, expand and invent. Hopefully one day leaving a legacy on the world as one of the most in demand artists North America has ever seen.


  1. Rob Booth (1st part) ________
  2. Surgeon – Radiance – [Dynamic Tension Records]
  3. Surgeon – Those Who Do Not – [Dynamic Tension Records]
  4. Surgeon – Transparent Radiation – [Dynamic Tension Records]
  5. Zomby – Natalias Song – [4AD]
  6. Boddika – Spray – [Free download - soundcloud]
  7. The Chemical Brothers – Life Is Sweet (Remix 1) – [Astralwerks]
  8. Anodyne – Close your Eyes (Autechre Remix) – [Psychonavigation]
  9. Jon Convex – Convexations – [Forthcoming '3024']
  10. LV ft. Joshua Idehen – Northern Line – [Keysound Recordings]
  11. Bass Clef – So Cruel – [Forthcoming 'Punch Drunk']
  12. Muteqx – Dialect (Thesis Remix) – [Echodub]
  13. Graphics – Wiping The Eye (2nd Mix) – [unreleased]
  14. Von D – E Von – [Forthcoming 'Boka Records']
  15. Erra – Stax – [Forthcoming 'Berkane Soul']
  16. The Perfect Provider – Mussck Mix – [Forthcoming 'Concrete Plastic']
  17. Hatti Vatti – Giza Dub – [New Moon Recordings]
  18. Boris Noiz – Inceptive Point – [Forthcoming 'Yellow Machines']
  19. Threnody – You Can Kill – [Forthcoming 'UK Trends']
  20. Unique 3 – Shades Of Grey (Mad EP ReMix) – [forthcoming 'Mutate']
  21. ______________________________
  22. Hatti Vatti – In the Mix exclusive
  23. Synkro – Look At Yourself – [forthcoming 'Mindset']
  24. Hatti Vatti ft. Echo Ranks – Great (Andy Stott remix) – [forthcoming 'On The Edge']
  25. Biodub – The Shift – ['Kanu Kanu' dubplate]
  26. Q600 – Shinzon (Hatti Vatti remix) – [dubplate]
  27. Hatti Vatti ft. Cian Finn – You (Phaeleh remix) – [forthcoming 'New Moon']
  28. Hatti Vatti – Giza Dub – [forthcoming 'New Moon']
  29. Hatti Vatti feat. Echo Ranks – Great – [forthcoming 'On The Edge']
  30. Think – Untilted – [dubplate]
  31. Reza – Rain Giver – ['New Moon' dubplate]
  32. Indigo & Hatti Vatti – Typha – [forthcoming 'New Moon']
  33. Hatti Vatti & Reza – Untilted – [dubplate]
  34. ______________________________
  35. Rob Booth (cont'd)
  36. Jon Convex – Falling Again – [Forthcoming '3024']
  37. Jon Convex – Order into Chaos – [Forthcoming '3024']
  38. Graphics – D Transition – [unreleased]
  39. ASC – Re-Image – [unreleased]
  40. Anonymous – …We Cannot See – [Forthcoming 'Weevil Neighbourhood']
  41. Anonymous – All Those Colours… – [Forthcoming 'Weevil Neighbourhood']
  42. ___________________________
  43. Distal – In the Mix exclusive
  44. Kevin Mcphee – It’s what she wants [Forthcoming 'Nakedlunch']
  45. Maurice Donovan – Babeh – [Sss]
  46. Clouds – 90’s abloy ( Distal Remix ) – [dub]
  47. Kuoyah – Convex Gravity (Desto Remix ) – [Frijsfo Beats]
  48. BD1982 – Amazon River Run – [Diskotopia]
  49. Distal – Drop Like This – [dub]
  50. Distal – Angry Acid – [Forthcoming 'Tectonic']
  51. Stagga & Doshy – Hornets – [dub]
  52. Broodlings – Bad things – [dub]
  53. Wheezie – House ball – [Forthcoming 'Embassy Recordings']
  54. Distal – Danger Room – [dub]
  55. Sleepyhead – My Lyf – [Forthcoming 'Embassy Recordings']