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What do you say about a mix of strange things you adore except, “Here is a mix of strange things I adore.” So how about: “A ruminative tape of musically sublime abrasion from out past the boundary.” ~ IWC

Ian William Craig is a Canadian musician known for using broken tape machines. He is based in Vancouver. Craig was classically trained in vocal performance and uses modified tape reels to distort his recorded voice. Music magazine Rolling Stone compared his style to that of William Basinski, Grouper, and Anohni.

His 2016 Centres was the first release on FatCat’s relaunched 130701 record label, which specializes in post-classical music and popularized the music of Max Richter and Hauschka.

The album received “universal acclaim”, according to album review aggregator Metacritic.

Rolling Stone described Craig as the most exciting experimental composer of 2016.

Craig is currently employed as Print Media Technician at the University of British Columbia. Through research into the physical nature of printmaking, he has become fascinated with the notion of what the process of memory might physically sound like, placing his own body at the centre of this exploration to create sonic spaces that cast physical deterioration as the source of the sublime.

A classically trained vocalist, his voice is combined with homemade analogue synths, altered reel-to-reel machines and faulty tape decks to create awe-inspiring cascades of unpredictable decay and beauty where the physical nature and failure of the machines themselves dictates the course of the performance: “tape affectation has been a really generative thing for me, and I really value not just the aesthetic texture that the tape decks impart, but the creative gesture they allow as well.

They interject a certain randomness, a certain loss of control that I think is really profound, or at least really important for my own creative process … It is my hope that through such performances, the sound of this forgetting can be momentarily manifested.”


A Turn of Breath (Recital, 2014)

Cradle for the Wanting (Recital, 2015)

Zugzwang For Fostex (Patient Sounds Intl., 2016)

Meaning Turns to Whispers (Aguirre Records, 2016)

Centres (130701, 2016)

Slow Vessels (FatCat Records, 2017)

Press Quotes

“Centres is a swirling and alchemical blend of drone, keyboards, and manipulated vocals. The more time you spend with it, the further you will want to get lost in it. One ofthe most beautiful, most strange, and most unique things you hear all year” Pitchfork

“Craig takes these fragments and shapes them into existential, non-secular lyrics that are set in an archaic, spacious sounding plainchant singing style” Wire – #28 in top albums of 2016

“To be both wildly experimental and fantastically listenable is a skill that precious few people possess, but Craig has it, as the young people might say, up the ying-yang.” The Guardian

“You may find yourself slipping into a bizarre world of mania, desire, desperation, pleading, and then finally inculcation and release. As I will attest, strange things can happen to you once you come under the gravitational pull of this man’s singular music.” The Quietus – #8 in top 50 albums of 2016


  1. Electronic Explorations - 474 - Ian William Craig
  2. Overflow Mix
  3. ________________________________________________
  4. 01           A Broken Consort - The Elder Lie (Box of Birch)
  5. 02           Kevin Hufnagel - Seen from a Distance (Transparencies)
  6. 03           Pete Swanson - Face the Music (Man with Potential)
  7. 04           Phillip Schultze - Cause Unfold Proceed III (Cause Unfold Proceed I, II, III, IV & V)
  8. 05           Flaten/Kornstad/Christensen - Overmåte Full Av Nåde (Mitt Hjerte Altid Vanker 1)
  9. 06           Okkyung Lee - Hollow Water (Ghil)
  10. 07           Kingdom Shore - Fire Knows No One House; Fire Knows No One Woman or Man (… And All the Dogs to Shark)
  11. 08           Marsen Jules - Guele de Loup (Les Fleurs)
  12. 09           Nadja - Breakpoint (Truth Becomes Death)
  13. 10           Runhild Gammelsæter - Collapse – Lifting the Veil (Amplicon)
  14. 11           Sarah Neufeld - From Our Animal (he Ridge)
  15. 12           Keith Fullerton Whitman - Stereo Music for Yamaha Disklavier Prototype, Electric Guitar, and Computer (Multiples)
  16. 13           Dirty Beaches - Love is the Devil (Love is the Devil)