NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“This mix skitters across three and half decades, pulls in some of our touchstones from the late 70’s – early 80’s, and moves over the next two decades touching down on some outstanding tracks that pushed that original aesthetic forward – expanding it, redefining it for both the uninitiated and those of us that have followed it through time. We included artists from the US, UK, Germany, and Switzerland. The mix concludes with an unreleased Ike Yard track submitted for a documentary on the architect Rem Koolhaas” – Michael Diekmann | Ike Yard 

Ike Yard is an early electronic acoustic band founded in 1979 in NYC.
Stuart Argabright (perc / synth/ vocals),
Kenneth Compton (bass /vocals /perc )
Michael Diekmann ( guitar / synth )
and Fred Szymanski (synth / programming and treatments).
The group released their first EP “Night After Night” on the Belgian Crepsecule label in 1981 to critical acclaim.
And is known for their follow-up – the 1982 album on ‘Factory America‘ that has been reissued on Acute Records / Car Park in 2006 and again in 2012 on Desire Records Fr –this time with remixes.
Remixes continued into 2013 w/ Ike Yard – Fred Szymanski aka Recombinant bringing his sound design taste to his remix, Arnaud’s predictable but effective 4/4 ‘club ‘ remix recently included on mixtapes in South Africa

In 2012 Ike Yard has contributed the previously unreleased “Shiva Virus” to the Stockholm based Complete Control Productions collection “Under The Volcano” with other cutting edged electro. Coming 2013

Ike Yard’s original Factory America LP is currently being reissued with choice remixes by the likes of ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS favourite Regis, plus Tropic Of Cancer, Arnaud from Black Strobe  plus The KVB (future guests to EE), Powell, Bristol’s Vessel , Previous EE mix producer Bandshell and others TBA … You heard it here 1st

2012 – Ike Yard created a handful of pieces for director Tomas Koolhaas’ docu on his father “REM” –
here is clip that uses the last track in our mix “Carbon Night”

“Cribbing their name from a record sleeve in A Clockwork Orange, Ike Yard sculpted a doom-laden experimental sound that drew heavily upon first wave Krautrock (particularly Can and Faust) and the post-punk dub maneuvers of PiL and Joy Division.” – Pitchfork  | M Murphy

In 2010, Ike Yard released their 2nd album, NORD – “Twenty eight years after their seminal eponymous debut (and only LP), New York’s Ike Yard return with a shockingly impressive new album. Now pared down to a trio of original members, Stuart Argabright, Kenneth Compton, and Michael Diekmann, are still in possession of an unquestionably minimal, menacing and beautifully dystopian sound, the sort of blanketed darkness one can genuinely become immersed in. From the outset ‘Nord’ is as bleak as a north Manchester skyline, the furtive first track ‘Traffickers’ scanning the darkness with radar bleeps and distant bass hits while the atmospheres become increasingly tense, claggy and inimitably cinematic. ESSENTIAL purchase!!!  Boomkat

“’Ike Yard, whose baleful, relentlessly chittering tunes at their best sounding like some dream merger of DAF and PIL’
Simon Reynolds | Rip It Up And Start Again.

Live shows have been described as “Absolutely incendiary” Mind melting. Uncompromising and completely thrill inducing.  The group packed the venue and had the crowd buzzing, dancing and reveling in the IY experience.” – Aaron Phillip Tate | Dissensus

* Ike Yard are currently working on a new album, having recorded basic tracks by May 2013 *

There are currently 2 compilations with unreleased Ike Yard cuts out there:
Electric Voice compilation w/ “Elysians”
and CCP’s ( Sweden ) “Inside The Volcano” w/ “Shiva Virus”.
And finally, there will be the reissue of Ike Yard’s 1st EP “Night After Night” coming up on Desire Records 2014 I would imagine [Stuart]

“A few months ago I asked Stuart Argabright if Ike Yard could express their tastes on ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS with an influences style set similar to what I asked Vladislav Delay, and if they could go into detail about each piece of music they had chosen”

“Looking at it now, I feel the ‘EE set’ is more a UK centric mix than some previous mixes we have done, ranging from ACR, Autechre, Andy Stott to The Pop Group, Aphex Twin and British Electric Foundation …”
“Conny Plank ( Fred S from Ike Yard did a venture at his studio at some point, Stuart lived w Christlo Haas in 1983 West Berlin and Ike Yard did listen to Conny’s works and collabs in studio w DAF, Liasions Dangeruses and Biomutanten)”
“Suicide were important figures for Ike Yard; Kenneth knew Alan and I (Stuart) knew Martin Rev a little but at one point they just told us we were the future now and led us to our first shows.”
“One was a classic night @ Chase Park (Atop an old Chase Bank on Broadway & Houston St. a slightly “Diamond Doggish’ affair) with Ike Yard opening for Lydia Lunch’s 13:13 and Suicide.
Afterwards, Lydia asked if Ike Yard could be her backing band.”

“Aphex Twin just had such an impact to those who were listening for something, anything fresh at that time …”
Like Kraftwerk before him, I felt there was considerable impact in those first 2 ambient collections as well as the Analog Bubblebath little CD and his albums and videos with Chris Cunningham that followed. Basic Channel had a similar impact in their time. You just began to hear this new sound”

“Sandwell District picked up and ran with techno. High water marks here”
“Personally I enjoy and support the efforts of Dominic Fernow & Vatican Shadow, Pete Swanson, Violetshaped / ShapedNoise ‘Nino who Black rain played with in Wroclaw this past November”
“Michael Diekmann was asked to jam / join ? The Swans.”

Ike Yard shared their first rehearsal space with Gira’s pre-Swans unit “Circus Mort,” on the same floor of the building as Madonna. Kenneth has a great story about her listening in on a Ike Yard session and moved to write her first hit “Everybody”

SPK stayed at my Apt. when they came to play NYC circa 1980 -ish. Ike Yard did live soundtracks for Japanese designers Issey Miyake, Commes De Garcon and others downtown in 1982. “My GF Melanie used to be Anna Wintour’s assistant at NY Magazine ( before Anna went on to Vogue ) so we had connection to models and designers. We did live improvisations to the models padding through the short lived Stillwende club down in Tribeca.”

The group ended like many … we did not get another invitation from Factory Records to do another album, or we would have done one.
Instead we continued on, recorded more pieces – some of which did appear once , on Acute’ s 2006 Reissue.
But we also got restless and dissolved as 1982 went into 1983.


  1. Ike Yard mix for Electronic Explorations - [Pieced together by Michael Diekmann]
  2. __________________________________________________
  3. 01 - A Certain Ratio: “All Night Party” – [Factory Records, UK 1979]
  4. 02 - Les Vampyrettes: “Biomutanten” – [EMI, Germany 1980]
  5. 03 - Plastikman: “Ekko” – [NovaMute, UK 1998]
  6. 04 - Basic Channel: “Phylyps Trak” – [Basic Channel, Germany 1993]
  7. 05 - Sandwell District: “Immolare (Function version)” – [Sandwell District, UK 2011]
  8. 06 - Autechre: “Further” – [Warp, UK 1994]
  9. 07 - VioletShaped: “cX310” – [Violet Poison, Germany 2013]
  10. 08 - Andy Stott: “Expecting” – [Modern Love, UK 2012]
  11. 09 - Young Gods: “Percussionne” – [Trance Records (Germany), Switzerland 1987]
  12. 10 - Suicide: “Harlem” – [ZE Records (UK), US 1980]
  13. 11 - Mars: “3E” – [Rebel Records (France), US 1978]
  14. 12 - Pop Group: “3:38” – [Radar Records, UK 1979]
  15. 13 - Ike Yard: “Kino” – [Factory America, US 1982]
  16. 14 - Aphex Twin: “Schottkey 7th Path” – [R&S Records (Belgium), UK 1992]
  17. 15 - British Electric Foundation: “The Decline of the West” – [Virgin Records, UK 1981]
  18. 16 - Ike Yard: “Carbon Night” – [Unreleased, US 2013]