NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“This mix isn’t ‘perfect’ but I like it like this, I don’t enjoy doing production studio mix’s I much prefer to be mixing like I am in the club it feels more raw and has more personality. I’ve gathered records and tracks from the Artists that have inspired me most this year and some new bits that I’ve been playing out. I wanted to show everything I love from some banging 4/4 to more broken edgy parts. I wanted things to progress growing the BPM and energy.” ~ Imogen

Imogen is already seen to be shaping the next generation of Electronic music. Originally from Southampton, Imogen moved to London to study music production and then put her own parties on before she was 18 just to be able to play in the clubs. She first created a platform with her radio residency to showcase already legendary and rising talent, since then things have moved pretty fast for her already playing at Berghain and opening The Moat for Dimensions festival.

Now the winter is approaching Imogen has a string of releases in the pipeline; her first release is coming out this month on Sunil Sharpes label ‘Earwiggle’ along side Giant Swan, Delta Funktionen and Autumns. There is also another piece from her on Mumdance’s Shared Meanings VA out later this year.

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  1. IMOGEN - EE501 - Electronic Explorations
  2. __________________________________________________
  3. 01. Galaxian - We Are Not Afraid To Act [Lower Parts]
  4. 02. Kessel Vale - Stroke [RFR Records]
  5. 03. Akkord - Navigate [Houndstooth]
  6. 04. 214 - Rock Scramble [Forthcoming on Cultivated Electronics]
  7. 05. The 15 Dead Minutes - Society Now [Subapical]
  8. 06. Unkown Entity - Feart (Scalameriya Remix) [Unkown Enitity]
  9. 07. Exium - Untilted [Tsunami records]
  10. 08. Ron Morelli - Laugh Talking [Hospital Productions]
  11. 09. Exium - Expect Nothing (Regis Remix) [Nheoma Records]
  12. 10. Claro Intelecto - Peace of Mind [Ai Records]
  13. 11. Sebastian Kramer - The Night [MORD]
  14. 12. Blacksun - Sarsera [Genesa Records]
  15. 13. IMOGEN - Flesh [Forthcoming on Earwiggle]
  16. 14. Skee Mask - Dial 274 [Ilian Tape]
  17. 15. The Advent & Zien - Follow the Leader [Forthcoming on Earwiggle]
  18. 16. Thomas P. Heckmann - Robocop [Trope Recordings]
  19. 17. Aquarian - Sam Handwich V2 [Unreleased]
  20. 18. IMOGEN - In My Opinion [Unreleased]
  21. 19. RXDX - Accretion Disk [Bass Agenda Records]
  22. 20. Disk Space - Runtime Error [Everyone on Acid]
  23. 21. AQXDM - Avatism ate up (AQXDM Remix) [Unreleased]