NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

My EE mix is made up of so many artists and labels that I respect and admire. Their ideas, values and approach are very inspiring to me and every track moves me in a certain way. As you dive through the mix there are changes in mood and pace, with each track pushing forward a new transition. It includes new loves, old loves, stuff I play out a lot, stuff I don’t get to play out.

Jenny Cheng’s time as a DJ has been relatively short but she has found herself a good footing. Picking up the skill very quickly was not surprising given her musical background, and in a few years has earned gigs at Griessmühle and Corsica Studios amongst many others. She takes influence from the different cities she’s lived in, and a recent move back to London sees her continue to grow as an artist. With her wealth of influence and knowledge she has a knack for creating a vibe, and wishes to simply to share it with a room of open minds and no constraints – this is shown through her colourful and vibrant sets.

I am shifting between different styles and feelings at the moment, I often find it hard to describe what they are with words.. I think it’s better that way though. The mix is a good representation of me at this point in time, and what I try to achieve in mixes. Connecting threads, progression, a bit of all hell breaking loose, haha. I hope you find something in it that you like!



  1. Jenny Cheng - 498 - Electronic Explorations
  2. 01. Sky H1 - Land [Codes]
  3. 02. Lanark Artefax - Glasz [UIQ]
  4. 03. Pinch & Shackleton - Torn and Submerged [Honest Jon’s]
  5. 04. Agrippa - Mygraine Urgraine [Version]
  6. 05. Upsammy - Another Place [Nous'klaer Audio]
  7. 06. Acre & Filter Dread - Trashed [Codes]
  8. 07. K-Lone - Broke [Wisdom Teeth]
  9. 08. Szare - Leaden Sky [Frozen Border]
  10. 09. Beneath - WIP [Berceuse Heroique]
  11. 10. Earth Leakage Trip - No Idea [Moving Shadow]
  12. 11. Simo Cell - I Love the Monkey Head [Brothers From Different Mothers]
  13. 12. object blue - Act Like It Then [Tobago Tracks]
  14. 13. AceMo - Land Scanner (Spectre) [Allergy Season]
  15. 14. Significant Other - Delphic [SPE:C]
  16. 15. Webstarr - Aegrus (Chevel Remix) [Mistry]
  17. 16. Martsman - Subbed [Hidden Hawaii]
  18. 17. Overlook - Ritual ft. Mono [UVB-76]
  19. 18. Christoph De Babalon - I Own Death [Fischkopf Hamburg]
  20. 19. Nkisi - The Dark Orchestra [Arcola]
  21. 20. Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Globex Corp Vol 1 A1 [7th Storey Projects]
  22. 21. Borai - The Seeker [Hotline]
  23. 22. Kronos Device - Terminate The Bass (Instrumental) [Battle Trax]
  24. 23. LNS - Recons One [LNS]
  25. 24. Ikonika - Lossy [Hyperdub]