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A little story in this mix:

Although unique, Jing occupies a similar space to Elysia Crampton – think weightless, dark ambient and ASMR-style sound design.

Released on the 8th February on 12″ vinyl ‘ADULARESCENCE’ via techno legend Steve Bicknell’s 6dimensions. The label, recently nominated in the ‘Breakthrough Label’ category of DJ Mag’s ‘Best of British’ poll, uses philosophy of the human mind as a conceptual starting point for its output.

Every school in Taiwan has a military instructor, during my school years I had to attend the ceremony of raising flags and sing the national anthem every Wednesday. During the ceremony the military instructor would instruct us to behave like an army, even in crazy hot days, if the students did not behave well, we would be forced to repeat the drill over and over again until its perfect…… 2018, this military style hasn’t stopped…… my bizarre memory from my school days.

Jing aims to take the listener on an intense journey, challenging her audience by providing a unique environment without seeing it with their own eyes. If visuals are no longer present, can we hear a deeper story? While the content of ‘Adularescence’ is colourful, it represents a black and white cult-classic filled with emotions. It is accompanied by a short story on its sleeve, a narrative to its 12 experimental parts, taking the listener on an unforgettable trip. Dark, psychedelic sounds permeate the eardrum, a beautiful and disturbing concoction of images relating to the text. Jing herself pictures a suffocating man who cannot scream.

In my mix I have included a track inspired from memory of standing in the middle of the running track following the military instructor drone being projected through the speakers surrounding us.

Although a new artist, Jing has had coverage on Resident Advisor, The Wire, Tissue, DJ, The Ransom Note and Hyponik.

This mix is my memory of those Wednesday’s, beginning with nervous suspense, the mixed emotions within the cycle and finally the relief of being dismissed…….

Jing has performed at numerous underground events, festivals and clubs, including Fusion, Nacht Digital, Kranichie, West Germany, De School, Korner and Organik Festival to name a few. Drawing on an array of influences, cult films and fiction, Jing is an explorer, out to share her creations.

  • “She makes eerie ASMR style ambient music in the vein of, say, Elysia Crampton, Pan Daijing and PAN’s ‘mono no aware’ compilation” Tiny Mix Tapes 
  • “Beatless psychedelic techno that would make Stanislav Tolkachev proud” Resident Advisor
  • “There’s an element of intrigue beginning to bubble around Jing, who has amassed a reputation for a forward-thinking approach” The Ransom Note
  • “Off piste production meets a coherent emotional message. De-constructing techno tropes and re-arranging them as she wishes, Jing conjures the cinematic while embracing deeply personal aspects” Clash

Photo Credit: Rachel Israela


  1. Jing - 492 - Electronic Explorations
  2. ______________________________________________
  3. 01 Tim Xavier - Holographic Universe [Facetoface]
  4. 02 Jing - Door [6dimensions]
  5. 03 Metro Skim - Monotony [6dimensions]
  6. 04 Jing - memory from school re-edit
  7. 05 Jing - unreleased
  8. 06 Steve Bicknell - Track 2 Why? & For Whom? [Lost Recording]
  9. 07 Steve Bicknell - Track 5 [Cosmic Records]
  10. 08 Roseen - Toxin [Ausgang]
  11. 09 Judas - Anathema III [Artscore]
  12. 10 Dj Surgeles - Apollo's Computer Units [Belief System]
  13. 11 Noizy Knobs - Reduced [Konstruktiv]
  14. 12 Leiras - Cuneiform [Ownlife]
  15. 13 Civil Defence Programme - Assembly Line Work [Sleeparchive]
  16. 14 LSD - Proccess 3 [Ostgut Ton]
  17. 15 Jing - Permission [6dimensions]
  18. 16 Steve Bicknell - Patters Of Supression [6dimensions]
  19. 17 Jing - unreleased
  20. 18 Karr - Drop 8 [Beaver House]