NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“I have managed to get a turntable and a mixer when I was about 9 or 10 years old, thanks to Otoshidama, Japanese annual custom thing. (Children are given nice envelopes with money inside from grown-ups of relatives on New Year’s Day) Since then, my ongoing music journey has begun. In this mix, I have reflected my understanding of it and an essence I grasped through it. My upcoming album “SECRET OF SILENCE” on The Weevil Neighbourhood is such as well. Yes, it has been joyful. This time, I’m feeling that I got closer to the point where, to my ears, good music exists.”

Katsunori Sawa sets yet another mark on The Weevil Neighbourhood with his first full-length solo artist album on the label. Titled “Secret of Silence” the eight tracks-spanning work drills through Japan Techno, Industrial Breaks and Noise while flirting with Breakcore and a more aggressive take on Dub. You can listen to clips from the album here:

Kyoto based Katsunori Sawa has been with the label for pretty much four years now with solo projects as well as joint ventures (besides BOKEH, together with Anthone, he’s also part of Steven Porter with his brother in arms Yuji Kondo with whom he runs their own 10 label:

“An album by “BOKEH”, collaborative project with Anthone, different from Steven Porter, is scheduled for next year. As for “10 LABEL” which I co-run with Yuji Kondo, we have 2 confirmed releases so far. An album by Yuji himself and a single by an artist whose name is to be announced.”


His musical career reaches back another few years when he was writing and producing under EOC (short for Enormous O’Clock), including an album for Ai Records. With Sawa becoming more and more prolific, we think it’s high time to fixate this state of production in album form before something different might dominate his music in the next year and beyond.

“Collapse, subdivision and circulation. Every individuals have their own unique / special backgrounds. We all have ways to enjoy modern complexity. We all proceed in our original ways. We get connected again. Everything is a flow like a river. Shift is surely happening, within ourselves.

The release comes as a limited edition 12″ record on black vinyl (180g) with artwork by L.A. based Lee Noble 50 copies come as a special edition on transparent/smokey vinyl and are sold through our webshop exclusively.

The regular edition of the release will officially hit the shelves on the 4th of December 2015. It should then be available from your favourite record store as well (if not, let us know and we’ll do our best to change that).


  1. Electronic Explorations - 410 - Katsunori Sawa
  2. ___________________________________________
  3. 01, Intro [Hi!]
  4. 02, Untitled by Pudern [Signora Ward Records]
  5. 03, Sub Surface by John Beltran [R&S records]
  6. 04, Oidhche by Dalglish [Pan]
  7. 05, Untitled by Olli Aarni [Desire Path Recordings]
  8. 06, Marching Time by Gabriel Saloman [Miasmash]
  9. 07, Iińzhiid by Huerco S [Software]
  10. 08, Prmtv Tdk Sa-X100 by Best Available Technology [Astro:Dynamics]
  11. 09, Age Of Aquarius by Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf [Knives]
  12. 10, Untitled by BOKEH [The Weevil Neighbourhood, forthcoming]
  13. 11, Intravenous Preparation by Hypnoskull [Ant-Zen]
  14. 12, My Ice Baby by Ancient Methods [Hands Productions]
  15. 13, Bound Universe by Abu Mogard [Ecstatic]
  16. 14, Caucasian Guilt by Noh Mercy [Fast Product]
  17. 15, Hopeless by Naked [Unknown]
  18. 16, Shake Well by Echologist [Mord]
  19. 17, Backwoods by Snts [Snts]
  20. 18, Mm Eb1 by Joe Seven [Exit Records]
  21. 19, Ghost Covenant by Cw/a [Parachute Records]
  22. 20, Antagonist by Katsunori Sawa [The Weevil Neighbourhood]
  23. 21, Break by Yaporigami [Detroit Underground]
  24. 22, Equinox by Land [Important Records]
  25. 23, Unreleased by Yuji Kondo [Unknown]
  26. 24, Turbulence / Complimentary WI-FI by Varg [Posh Isolation]
  27. 25, Outro by Kyoto City in Japan 2015 [Thanks!]