NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

*What it is.*

This is a mix of discarded, fragmented, and unfinished bits of sound from about 40 different producers, woven together over 43 minutes.

*How I did it.*

I contacted a bunch of producers and asked them to send me material to work with. From that email: “…I’m looking for music that got discarded, left on the editing floor, that someone liked or loved but just couldn’t find the right place for. Or half finished ideas that morphed into other things, or will soon become part of something else. … I’m interested in those building blocks as a way of exploring the foundations of producers’ and scenes’ sounds. Like looking at the DNA of an organism, or the blueprint of a building, and squeezing musical meaning out of it …” People sent me all sorts of things, from two second one bar loops to thirty minute long sections of extended noodling. Some were full tracks that never got released, some were DJ tools, some were the entire stem set of songs, and some were little loops created just for the project. I took as many as I could and put them together in Ableton, sometimes playing full tracks outright, sometimes layering one or several producers’ work on top of each other.

*Why like that?*

Several reasons – 1)   I love sound collage, it’s got a long history, and I wanted to make a contribution to that aesthetic with a 2010 twist. 2)   It was kind of a thrill for me – it was like being let in on the composition process of some of my favorite artists. And it seemed cool to give EE listeners a look through that window as well. 3)   I’m eager to prove that the DJ isn’t dead. So many people (in California especially) are “live acts” or “producers” that it’s sometimes hard for me to get on a lineup when I say “no, I’m actually just going to play other people’s music for you.” But I think people who don’t producer have kind of a unique perspective on presenting the music of others to others. I’m not trying to start an uprising, just more a reminder to the world not to forget that there’s an art to DJing all on its own! 4)   I’m interested in sonic triggers – things that you hear and instantly recognize, even if you don’t know it. The reason you can say “this is totally a new track by X, I recognize that drum sound/rhythm pattern/synth pad/guitar riff, etc.” I love the thought that artists have unique sounds/trigger patterns that spark partial but not total recognition in us. For that reason I asked for loops from artists that would mostly be familiar to Electronic Explorations listeners. I also like puzzles, and I thought I’d give listeners a puzzle (see next section). 5)   It was another way to explore written/verbal communication and its effect on music, in the sense that I could only play the music I was sent. People’s sounds are determined not only by their own production but who they correspond with, and whatever their reasons for doing so, this mix is in some ways entirely based on who wrote back to me. In that respect, you can see something of my social network in the mix, and I believe ever time you hear a DJ partially hearing that DJ’s social network.

*Who’s in it.*

I can’t give you a track list. As far as I know not a single sound in it is “forthcoming” on anything. Most of the files are called things like “loop for Matt”. But the following producers are in it – Asura, BD1982, Beatbully, Black Chow, Bop, Boreta, Coco Bryce, Disrupt, DJ G, Downliners Sekt, Dr. Strangeloops, Ganucheau, Geiom, Ghislain Poirier, Girl Unit, Hatti Vatti, Hungry Ghost, Illyah & Ltd. Candy, Indigo, LV, Michna, Mono/Poly, Mr. Gasparov, NastyNasty, Om Unit, Pacheko, Paul White, Phosho, Rekordah, Robot Koch, Rx, Schlachthofbronx, Self Evident, Sines, Skyence, Sub Swara, Taylor, Teleseen, Timeblind, Tinker, Untold, Uproot Andy A huge thank you to all of them. A bunch more were kind enough to send loops that ultimately didn’t get used for one reason or another, and to them thank you as well. A final thanks to Rob for letting me have the opportunity, and Mad EP for making the introduction.

Kid Kameleon is DJ, promoter, writer, blogger, historian, archivist, and fan of electronic music. He’s been that way for 15 years. He’s from North Carolina, but ended up in New York in the late ’90s and early ’00s. He moved to the Bay Area in 2004, and currently lives in San Francisco. His performances are wild, eclectic, flamboyant, humorous, energetic and passionate, and he is a true believer in the DJ’s unique ability to be a curator and narrator. A prolific mixer, writer and journalist, he keeps one ear tuned to the new and cutting edge and the other to the glories of the past. He spins heads and feet the physical and digital world over.


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