NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“Studio mix recorded up the bpms to contrast to the more warm up vibed sets that i have out there at the minute and my radio show which is all about new releases. The selections here are studded with some all-time favourites with an exclusive little preview of one of the null+void releases coming later this year” ~ Kirsti (null+void Recordings)

After living the life for many years, Kirsti has quietly become a real authority when it comes to electro and techno. As unassuming in person as her DJ sets are immediately arresting, she mixes up those sounds with elements of UK rave music to create dynamic, non linear sets of raw electronics.

Tracing her lineage from early experiences at raves like Checkpoint Charlie and Bangface, she soon went on to take great influence from the key figures behind UK rave, techno and electro such as Jerome Hill (EE show here), Andrea Parker, Luke Vibert (EE 303 show here), Rob Hall and Warlock. She still does today, and isn’t afraid to play uncompromising sets that speak to the real underground. These come on her null+void radio shows—firstly on Rinse FM, now on KMAH they’re noted for their premiers of the freshest new techno and electro sounds.

Having recently warmed up for the legendary Dopplereffekt at Oval Space, Kirsti has also been made resident at Tantrum, Craig Richards and Adam Shelton’s weekly electro and left of centre night at the Lion & Lamb. She’s also landed spots playing for Krake Festival in Berlin and on the warm up at fabric which are up on her list of gig highlights.

Preferring to really take the crowd to bold new places, Kirsti does the same with her null+void label. It’s a place where the likes of Shinra and L-R serve up slippery future electro and space age techno that ranges from striking to sublime. null+void continues to take shape with a step up in the release schedule planned for 2018 and continued support from the likes of Stingray, Bicep, Craig Richards, Objekt and Jerome Hill.

Next null+void release: Dead Sound – This is Human EP out on April 27th (PRE-ORDER HERE)

Photo Credit: Danny Seaton

Forthcoming gigs:
14/04 Hypercolour & Friends // about :// blank // Berlin
20/04 Pagoda // Take 5 Cafe // Bristol
05/05 Super Hexagon // Old Bus Shed // Leeds
25/05 Resonate // TBA // Birmingham //
28/05 Proximo // The Victoria // London


  1. 01. Goliath - Hidden Agenda [Z-bop]
  2. 02. A Sagittariun - Quickness [Elastic Dreams]
  3. 03. Mesak - Totani [Rikos Records]
  4. 04. Anthony Shake Shakir - Live For Friction [Rush Hour Recordings]
  5. 05. Michael Forshaw - Remodel [Core]
  6. 06. Volruptus - Fermi Paradox [трип]
  7. 07. The Martian - Intruder [Red Planet]
  8. 08. RX-101 - Oph177-1 [Suction Records]
  9. 09. Dr. Skime - RX7 Jams 8,9 & 7 [Power Vacuum]
  10. 10. Nuel - Untitled [Aquaplano]
  11. 11. AFX - Simple Slamming b2 [Warp]
  12. 12. FFT - Collective Disconnected [Uncertainty Principle]
  13. 13. ????? - ??????? [forthcoming null+void Recordings]
  14. 14. Radioactive Man - Twistyboomklart [Rotters Golf Club]