NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

Lakker are two musicians, Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell (aka Eomac), hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Formed in 2001, they began writing electronic music, heavily influenced by the sounds at the time coming from labels like Rephlex and Warp. Processed and chopped up electronica, noise, breakcore, techno and jungle all filtered through and informed Lakker’s early music.

Gradually they began to find a sound of their own, sitting somewhere between organic sample-based productions and synthetic, processed electronics.

Early tracks appeared on compilations for various labels, alongside a number of EPs, but it wasn’t until 2007 that Lakker put out their debut album – Ruido – on Lazybird Records, Dublin. Ruido focused on the noisier side of their output containing 11 tracks of harsh electronics, beats and noise. A number of releases and remixes followed, alongside numerous live appearances.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Lakker sound has developed further, from hauntingly beautiful melodies to dark foreboding techno.

Most recently they have put out their debut vinyl release – Spider Silk – on Killekill Records, followed by the Arc EP on Blueprint, receiving support from the likes of Aphex Twin, Surgeon, Luke Slater, Silent Servant, Skudge, Perc and more.

Next up is the development of their live AV show, with visuals designed by Dara, which will be showcased at this year’s Bloc and Krake festivals.


  1. Selection of edited Inuit Katajjak
  2. Eileen Carpio - Chimness - [Unreleased]
  3. Demdike Stare - Falling Of The Edge (Alternate Version) - [Modern Love]
  4. Lakker - [forthcoming Killekill]
  5. Lakker - untitled - [unreleased]
  6. Andy Stott - Posers - [Modern Love]
  7. Lakker - Arc - [Blueprint]
  8. Emptyset - Point - [Subtext]
  9. Chris Watson - Vatnajokull (Lakker Edit)
  10. Cassegrain & Tin Man - Sear - [Killekill]
  11. Eomac - Stylised & Desensitised [unreleased]
  12. Lakker - eeAea [forthcoming Blueprint] / [unreleased]
  13. Lakker - LF9 [forthcoming LoveLove Records]
  14. Lakker - Preset Numb [forthcoming LoveLove Records]
  15. Lakker - Static & Amp [forthcoming Blueprint]
  16. Eomac - Slide FX [Acroplane]
  17. Lakker - Mausoleum [forthcoming Blueprint]
  18. Marta Gomex - Tonada De La Luna Llena – [Chesky Records]
  19. Extra sound FX, loops, samples by Lakker.