NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

Lamont, a basshead from Bristol, has had quite a music career. His involvement with the Swamp81 (Record Label) crew (Loefah, Zed Bias, Klose One, Benton, Paleman, Benny Ill, etc.) and with the curation of the Durkle Disco label alongside UK Garage veteran Zed Bias, he has made his mark with impressive imprints on each label.

Also, just as important (arguably more or slightly less) as those relationships is the one founded in the roots from where bass innovation is spawned and pushed to its bounds to be presented in incredible, original works of art; Keysound Recordings.

With a release on each of the three aforementioned labels, there is also the Paper Cranes label of which Lamont has been a part. Not only has his association with the likes of the coolest crowds in music resulted in benefits for the consumer in the form of excellent releases/records, but has led to collaborations, side-projects, and an array of mixes made available to the whole world on both his Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

If you are trying to get a taste for Lamont’s sound, just pay attention to who he surrounds himself with. If you need to cut a rug at a rave to some Lamont tunes, head to a Rinse FM party. If you need something dope to put on for your friends, Lamont’s flavor can be heard directly and indirectly on NTS, Radar Radio, Rinse.FM, and so on. He is certainly helping the progressive nature of how different music evolves and how one’s setting can affect the outcome of one’s art.

BUDAPEST, Hungary – 29/9/17
BATH, Uk – 05/10/17

New / SWAMP81 12″ out in September, Tracks TBA



  1. Lamont - 477 - Electronic Explorations
  2. 01. Loefah - Shame [Dub]
  3. 02. Ishan sound & Hodge - C4 [Dub]
  4. 03. Jamakabi - Hot it up (O$VMV$M remix) [Bandulu]
  5. 04. Lamont & Jendor - Greatest [Dub]
  6. 05. Orson - Past is a dream (Lamont remix) [Dub]
  7. 06. Facta - Poliwhirl VIP [Dub]
  8. 07. Archa - Guru [Forthcoming Artifice]
  9. 08. Agrippa - Skulks [Dub]
  10. 09. Paleman - Hammy Meddle [Dub]
  11. 10. Woz - Lessons [Dub]
  12. 11. Lamont - Dope [Dub]
  13. 12. Lamont & Jendor - Loads of Money [Dub]
  14. 13. Vern & Milla ft. Kwam - Let it go ( Lamont Remix) [Forthcoming Durkle Disco]
  15. 14. Paleman - Bone saw [Dub]
  16. 15. NYTA - Off the traxx [Lobsterboy]
  17. 16. Lamont - Kariwa VIP [Dub]
  18. 17. Tessela - Bottom out [R&S Records]
  19. 18. Pinch & Mumdance - Strobe Light [Forthcoming Tectonic]
  20. 19. Chunky - Lyricman [SWAMP81]