NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

We usually create mixes through the sounds which live in our different moods. Pretty eclectic but always with the same deep connection which invites to accompany you in any moment. This mix reflects these floating feelings around us day by day ~ LCC

LCC is the acronym of Las CasiCasiotone. LCC are Ana and Uge, a duo girl from Asturias, northern Spain, releasing their first LP, ‘d/evolution’ on Editions Mego which currently has been remixed by Tujiko Noriko, Houndstooth artist Throwing Snow, Robert Lippok, Komatssu and LCC themselves, as an EP also on Mego. ‘d/evolution’ was very well received by the press and public and it has been selected among The Best Albums of 2014 by specialized media. |

LCC started their project in 2010. They have been involved in different artistic projects, focusing above all on sound design and music production. They have developed different musical adaptations and audiovisual installations in collaboration with SAT of Montreal, Lieu Multiple of Poitiers, CCCB, LABoral, Niemeyer Center and Hangar.

In 2013, they made the soundtrack for the documentary Ciutat Morta (selected by San Sebastian Film Festival) and, at the end of that year, they won the famous contest Villa de Bilbao. In March of 2014 they win an AMAS award in the Best Electronic Production category.

This summer they’re going to play at Sónar Festival on a special showcase for the 20th anniversary of Editions Mego.

Videos and Links:
‘Calx’ from ‘d/evolution’ (eMego 198):
‘LEV Festival – ‘The Church’: 


  1. LCC - 372 - Electronic Explorations
  2. _______________________________________
  3. 01. LCC - Adámas (Throwing Snow Remix)
  4. 02. Forest Swords - Thor's Stone (Lee 'Scratch' Perry Remix)
  5. 03. Lussuria - Petra Marina
  6. 04. LCC - Chroma (LCC Tree Mix)
  7. 05. DSCRD - Watch and Punish
  8. 06. Architectural - Witches Dance
  9. 07. Eric Holm - Ma°tinden
  10. 08. Andy Stott - Sleepless
  11. 09. Polar Inertia - Antimatter
  13. 11. Karen Gwyer - You Big