NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

I love things that shouldn’t go together but do. Rough and hard and really intimate and tender at the same time is a feeling that you can only really ever get from two acts I think, one of them is music / the pursuit of any art form and the other is…well, sex.

I got to a point where I got over my nerdy self and stopped trying to be clever and convey ever idea I have ever had in one song or one mix and just started to relax and enjoy things for what they are.

For a long time, focusing on trying to deliver too much information was a total bane for me as a musician, it was more about wrestling with gaining the validation of my peers than it was about pushing myself to make something I would love to listen to.

I feel like I finally have a handle on that. The I-F track on here is the best example. It’s called ‘I do because I couldn’t care less,’ When I I heard that for the first time, it made me aspire to be comfortable enough not to care. That is not to say I intended to become purposely arrogant or dismissive of people’s opinions, but it opened a door to the idea that what people will think of what you do only matters once it is done and if you think about how your work will be perceived by anyone other than you while you are making it; it only serves to dilute and potentially de-rail your train of thought.

This to me is important because although it sounds like you are saying “I don’t give a fuck,” It is in fact the opposite. The end result is only ever going to be a representative product of yourself and an honest contribution to things if your relationship with the music you are making is the only factor in it’s creation. All the points I just made, I have heard similar things plenty of times before, but I expect to be making music until, for whatever reason I physically can’t any more so it’s important for me to scrutinise insecurities and cut them out wherever possible. I want to enjoy it as much as possible, if others enjoy it too, class. So, as a musician; shutting worry out my life as much as possible is just as important being able to knock out a killer MPC beat in 15 minutes.

That’s what this mix is about, grind everything together and don’t worry.

Lewis James

Born in Ireland and currently living in Amsterdam with past stints in London and Montreal, Lewis James has been making music for a long time, influenced most notably by his love of early experimental hip hop from the likes of edIT and Prefuse 73 and his experiences in the scratch scene during the 00s. A featuring on a Foreign Beggars mixtape and pro- duction credits for the Grandeurs of Delusion debut alongside longtime friends Jimmy Hatetank and Maroon followed, though nothing could have quite prepared us all for the Heavy Romance EP. His first official release and a return to production after a few years of silence, Heavy Romance is loud and brash, sort of like two oil rigs going at it. Imagine that eh?

The EP features three club friendly tracks – Everything, Only Me, Peroxyde Blonde – that operate somewhere on the fringes of today’s more popular sounds and tempos. Blending live instruments with intricate programming, edits and an ear for catching the listener off guard, the tracks sound like some unholy alliance between Night Slugs, Roll Deep and MJ Cole. The music was written with the dancefloor in mind, and based on existing feedback from some of our favourite producers and DJs it seems to work exactly as planned. This is not a simple rehashing of what’s hot, it has its own twist, the sort of personal take that will leave people wanting more.

The fourth track, Your Hands (remix), is just as unique but gentler, more suited to set endings or dreamier selections. The lyrics were his grandmother’s last words uttered on her death bed and sung here by Kiki Manders. It was originally recorded as an acoustic song during a unique time of family togetherness and here it’s been reworked into a beautiful electronic ballad in a way that Lewis feels is how his grandmother would like her words to be remembered. Honest music might be a term that’s banded about but here it’s about as genuine as it gets.  Words –




  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 230 - Lewis James
  2. _________________________________________________________
  3. Rob Booth (1st Part)
  4. Mazzula - Photons EP (Pip Williams Remix) - [mazzula.bandcamp]
  5. Mazzula - Photons EP (Photons Ryogo Yamamori Remix) - [mazzula.bandcamp]
  6. Neil Landstrumm - Guzacid - [Forthcoming 'Sneaker Social Club']
  7. Sonarpilot - Radar (Trevino Remix) - [Forthcoming 'Sonarpilot Audio']
  8. Biome - Spawned - [Forthcoming 'Mindset']
  9. Untold - Stop What You’re Doing (Kowton Remix) - [Hemlock Recordings]
  10. Sei A - Hyphen - [Hemlock Recordings]
  11. Primitive World - Danceteria - [Black Acre]
  12. Sawlin - Ambos - [Vault Series]
  13. _____________________________
  14. Lewis James - In the Mix exclusive
  15. Friends - Friend Crush
  16. Modeselektor feat. Otto Von Shirach - Evil Twin
  17. Lewis James - Everything
  18. Lil' Salva Feat Sampha - On Your Own
  19. Lewis James - Only Me
  20. Dubbel Dutch - Throwback
  21. Jacques Greene - The Look
  22. MachineDrum - Van Vogue
  23. Champion - Pepper Pot
  24. Royalty - Octane
  25. I-f - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less
  26. Lewis James - Trusting In Yourself Won't Work
  27. The Weeknd - Gone (Dolor Remix)
  28. [end]