NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

 Mindtrick Records celebrates their 5th Anniversary this year.
Over these 5 years Mindtrick have now released over 20 titles varying from jungle too soundtracks and everything in between. This may sound like a weird combination for one label to do but it’s the vibe and atmosphere that creates the overall Mindtrick sound. So if you are looking for interesting and forward thinking music Mindtrick Records is a good place to start your adventure.

To throw Mindtrick Records in a box would require dedication to the represented artists, because we believe true music is not defined by the rest of the pack in its genre, artists make the music, So we are here to share it with you and your mind!

The mix that Atiq the label boss man has made shows exactly the sound that Mindtrick Records is currently releasing.

It contains 3 separate guest mixes by Delete, Atiq & EnK and finally He3dless after those the takover show continues with an all exclusive and forthcoming material on Mindtrick Records with a mix by Atiq himself.

This mix contains tracks taken from the upcoming album by new Dutch Rhythmic sound act Tangent and the 5 years of Mindtrick Records all new label compilation which will be released in March of this year.
The compilation features all new tracks by Deformer (EE #211) Semiomime, Sinister Souls, Spenghead, Inofaith and more!

So there is plenty to discover in this exclusive mix!

This particular EE show also contains the first promo mix of the forthcoming and long awaited debut album by Atiq & EnK called “Fear Of The Unknown” and will be released by Tympanik Audio and Mindtrick Records later this year.
This little text will sum this album up in a few words:

Fear Of The Unknown
They are afraid of new ideas
They’re loaded with prejudices not based upon anything in reality.
But based on: “if something is new
I reject it immediately because it is frightening to me”
What they do instead is just stay with the familiar
You know, to us the most beautiful things in all the universe
…Are the most Mysterious…
Sound is the answer let’s Go!


I hope you enjoy this as much as we have putting this very special takeover show together, thank you Rob for letting us ‘take’ reign of your EE show.


  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 239 - "The Takeover Show" - Mindtrick Records
  2. ______________________________________________________________
  3. Part 1 exclusive mix by Delete
  4. all tracks taken from the album (Predatory things of a minute) MTR011 + MTR012CD
  5. 01. 70-Year Dream
  6. 02. Left to Wander
  7. 03. Remember Us
  8. 04. Neva
  9. 05. 1937
  10. 06. Natasha
  11. 07. Is That You?
  12. 08. Neva (VVV remix)
  13. 09. Body Language
  14. 10. Remember Us (DFRNT remix)
  15. 11. One Must Fall
  16. 12. ...And Now to Consume Forever
  17. __________
  18. Part 2: He3dless
  19. 1: HE3Dless - Straight (EVS remix) (Mindtrick Records)
  20. 2: HE3Dless - Straight (original mix) (Mindtrick Records)
  21. 3: Sorrow - Up & Down (Self Released)
  22. 4: HE3Dless – ESXdeal (unreleased)
  23. 5: EVS - Wandering Future (Forthcoming on Mindtrick Records)
  24. 6: Sorrow – Raindancer (Self Released)
  25. 7: HE3Dless – Lousebath (Mindtrick Records)
  26. 8: EVS - Yeah it's like (Forthcoming on Mindtrick Records)
  27. 9: Lorn - Weigh me down (Ninja Tune)
  28. __________
  29. Part 3: Atiq & EnK
  30. Tracks taken from forthcoming album "Fear Of The Unknown" - Co released with Tympanik Audio
  31. 1: Stay With The Familiar
  32. 2: Slow Clouds
  33. 3: Shards Of Brilliance
  34. 4: Moonlit Tea Party
  35. 5: What Was That
  36. 6: My Obligation
  37. 7: Like An Angels Feather
  38. __________
  39. Part 4: Exclusive Mindtrick Records forthcoming MIX
  40. 1: Sinister Souls - Going Home (Forthcoming)
  41. 2: Optech – Fourtyfour (Forthcoming)
  42. 3: Deformer - Where did the children go (Forthcoming)
  43. 4: Red Eyes - Passing By (MTRDIG005)
  44. 5: Inofaith – Reticent (Forthcoming)
  45. 6: Pythius - Wipe Them Out (Myrkur Remix) (MTRDIG004)
  46. 7: AxH - Let It Go (Forthcoming)
  47. 8: Spenghead - Tactical Nuclear Penguin (Forthcoming)
  48. 9: Semiomime - D-Coherence (MTR010)
  49. 10: Tangent - Infinite End (Forthcoming)
  50. [end]