NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“I put together this mix to showcase sounds that inspire and inform all the genres I work in. Rough, crackly, sample based muzik. Look out for 2 new O$VMV$M ep’s this year and more music forthcoming on Bandulu Records” ~ Neek

Removed from Grime’s London epicenter, Bristol’s Bandulu records have spent the past few years pushing a darker, more minimal approach to the genre’s instrumental resurgence.  Equally informed by Bristol’s sound system tradition and grime’s original wave of spare, functional riddims, the label’s vinyl-only releases have not only carved out a unique space in an increasingly competitive landscape, but have also served as a launchpad for a new generation of local producers.

While label co-founder Kahn is a known entity thanks to his success producing dubstep on labels like Deep Medi, little has been written about his production partner and label co-owner Neek. An equal hand in the label and a longtime grime listener and DJ, Neek’s influence looms large in smashes like ‘Percy’, ‘Chevy’, and ‘Can’t Look Away’.

He’s also a man with much to say about functionality in dance music, genre, his hometown and plenty of other topics that make one wonder why he flies under the radar. [Words: FACT]


  2. _____________________________________
  3. 01. Angry Red Planet Intro
  4. 02. Spooky Black - Echoes in my mind feat. Wiccaphase
  5. 03. Lil Sad - So Afraid To Cry
  6. 04. Ishan Sound x Neek - Tampa Bay Hand Grenade feat ManOnMars & Bogues
  7. 05. Bones - Cholesterol
  8. 06. Mpsta - Untitled
  9. 07. O$VMV$M - Weird Girl
  10. 08. Rabit - Black Dragon feat. Riko Dan (O$VMV$M Remix)
  11. 09. Ishan Sound x Neek - Transmission 1
  12. 10. Dean Blunt - Hush
  13. 11. Ishan Sound x Neek - Transmission 2
  14. 12. B-Lam - Clangers
  15. 13. O$VMV$M - Eazy
  16. 14. Andy Stott - Damage
  17. 15. Q Bass - Deepa
  18. 16. O$VMV$M - Planet
  19. 17. Run Tings - Brand X
  20. 18. Traxman - Survive
  21. 19. 5 Dolls Outro