NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“TJ Hertz has become one of the most admired artists of the year under his moniker Objekt, after the release of his first white label in January; two delectable slabs of techno-infused dubstep – wild, gurgling progressive works that build and grow from the simplest sounds to points of unimaginable intensity. This was furthered with the arrival of Objekt #2, carrying “Unglued” and “CLK Recovery”.

It may be due to the fact that he’s born in Japan, bred in Oxford and he’s now based in Berlin if since when TJ Hertz has released his first while label as “Objekt” the whole electronic music industry has started wondering who this producer riding innovation experimenting on the thin border dividing techno and dubstep was. Influenced by Warp and UK’S mid 90′s techno, Objekt has mixed up his background with contemporary bass and dubstep suggestions, grabbing fastly attention from artists such as Radiohead, Pearson Sound, Ben Ufo, Peverelist, Blawan and SBTRKT.

“No denying it, possibly one of last year’s producers of the year…..  Objekt is taking over electronic explorations for the rest of the show … an extended mix that he’s made especially, something personal for electronic explorations…. it will not disappoint that’s for sure, a labour of love, showcasing his love of vinyl and his passion for techno. He’s not so much elusive but he’s definitely careful in choosing the right time to release his music and also these all important mixes”

Head yourself over to episode 190, that’s where your find the tracklist and also Objekts scatter approach to his tracklist… to be honest, he didn’t really wanna write one out so it’s basically up to you guys to join the dots …. he’s given a few clues here and there


  1. 1st part - Rob Booth ___________________________
  2. Lando Kal - Rhythm Sektion - [Forthcoming 'Hotflush']
  3. Addison Groove - Ass Jazz - [Forthcoming '50 Weapons']
  4. Joy O & Boddika - Mercy - [Sunklowun]
  5. Untold - Luminous - [Forthcoming 'Hemlock']
  6. Barker - Like an Animal - [Forthcoming 'Leisure System']
  7. Sendai - EP2010-4 - [Forthcoming 'Time To Express']
  8. Untold - Motion the Dance - [Forthcoming 'Hemlock']
  9. Sendai - Following the Constant - [Forthcoming 'Time To Express']
  10. ___________________________________________
  11. Objekt – In the mix exclusive (join the dots .. work out the tracklist)
  12. Jeff Mills - ? Off the x101 sonic destroyer record
  13. something off that FC Judd compilation on public information
  14. Gesloten Cirkel - Yamagic
  15. Chris carrier - it's off the latest sound carrier record, 04 i think
  16. Dettmann/edit select remix/the one on music man
  17. nightjars - things movin' on [Vae Victis]
  18. Alex cortex, on pomelo i think? from 2010 or 2011? it's got a light blue kinda marbled sleeve
  19. Surgeon tune off basic tonal vocabulary
  20. DJ vague - Porsche Trax (forthcoming templar sound)
  21. Clatterbox, off one of the trust 12"s
  22. Objekt - ?? demo
  23. one of the tracks off frustrated funk 012
  24. Underground Resistance - base camp alpha 808
  25. DJ assault - backwards in time (inst)
  26. Walt j - i *think* it's off "ascender" which was reissued by FIT
  27. dvs1, on the recent klockworks (dark blue)
  28. Shangaan electro MMM remix
  29. meta
  30. some banging acid techno tune on black sun records
  31. eqd005
  32. Actress - rainy dub
  33. [end]