NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

This is a mix we’ve put together especially for EE: some dark, melancholic techno, acid & electronics for these gloomy winter months. Music to be listened to in the rain.
It features our contribution to the recent EE compilation, plus some tracks from the ‘Nebula’ EP we released on Belfast label Acroplane from earlier this year.

Posthuman are cousins Rich Bevan & Josh Doherty. Writing together since their teenage years, their debut release proper was back in 1999 was with Skam Records and a live gig supporting Altern-8 in Manchester. The duo moved to London in 2000 and set up their own label Seed Records, launching the label with a full length double vinyl “The Uncertainty of the Monkey” which sold out several represses. Between 2001 and 2003, they ran & hosted the infamous Seed tube station parties in the abandoned underground station at Aldwych, which saw guests such as Aphex Twin, Funkstorung, Luke Vibert, Goldfrapp, Plaid, and a whole glitterati of early 2000’s electronic acts.

In 2006, after their third album ‘The Peoples Republic’ – a post-rock / electronica crossover piece – they handed over control of Seed Records to long-time collaborator Bruce McClure, and began working with B12 Records, where they moved further into techno & dancefloor territory with their sound. In 2010 they founded a new label of their own, Balkan Vinyl, which is now up to its tenth release – with luminaries such as Mark Archer, Ben Sims, Global Goon, Kirk Degiorgio, Plaid, LFO, Marco Passarani, B12, Luke Vibert, and many others making appearances.

Their latest EP, The Benz, is out on 19th November, on marbled red & black 12″ vinyl, featuring remixes by Ben Sims and Radioactive Man. Also upcoming are remixes of Radioactive Man on Wang Trax, and Kawatin on Ricochet Records, plus a split 12″ on Tusk Wax offshoot ‘Horn Wax’ with Paul Mac.

You can catch Posthuman playing live at the I Love Acid Xmas party on Dec 22nd, Corsica Studios, London – alongside Kirk Degiorgio, Mark Archer, Radioactive Man, Paul Mac, Global Goon, and loads more. for the details…


  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 225 - Posthuman
  2. ________________________________________
  3. Rob Booth (1st Part)
  4. Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe - Tiny Concrete Block - [Project Mooncircle]
  5. Violetshaped - The Oven (Kangding Ray remix) - [Violet Poison]
  6. Anstam - Heart's Soliloquy - [50 Weapons]
  7. DeFeKT - Error In Replication 'Modular Realms EP' - [Shameless Toady]
  8. ________________
  9. Posthuman - In the mix exclusive
  10. [01] - Posthuman - Asha Grew Wings (LJ Kruzer Remix)
  11. [02] - The Fear Ratio - Antiarc
  12. [03] - Posthuman - Dead Man's Land - [EE Comp Exclusive]
  13. [04] - AnD - Lights Down
  14. [05] - Jose Pouj - Mantoux
  15. [06] - Death Abyss - The Magic of Defiance
  16. [07] - Objekt - Porcupine
  17. [08] - Posthuman - Marrus Environ
  18. [09] - Pheral - Sanctuary
  19. [10] - Moderat - Seamonkey
  20. [11] - B12 - Free Flight (Posthuman Remix)
  21. [12] - Girls Revenge - Watch You Burn
  22. [13] - Posthuman - Synapses
  23. [14] - Martyn - Bauplan (L-Vis 1900 & Bok Bok Remix)
  24. [15] - Lakker - Arc
  25. [16] - On Off - Distant Personal
  26. [end]
  • Rob

    Cracking mix.

  • Alex Strangius

    Crazy awesome mix…nice one guys!! :¬)

  • Jonathan Baruc

    Wow dropped like 6 of the same tracks i dropped last time I played. good taste 🙂

  • Phil Pendlebury

    Superb sounds. Thoughrally enjoyed myself, and i shall do so again! Thanks for creating and sharing 🙂