NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“Recorded in one take on the ones and twos in a closed club with just the rats for company” – Prequel Tapes

Prequel Tapes’s debut album Inner Systems was released in 2015 on Ninja Tune’s R’COUP’D imprint and raised ears everywhere. With its rough yet melancholic soundscapes and sparse but energetic beats, it occupied a curious niche between IDM’s dry understatement, Ambient’s soothingness as well as Techno’s frantic euphoria.

“Previous mixes that I’ve done were more open in styles, varied in bpm, playful and more carefully constructed to tell a story. So I thought it about time I did a mix that represents my vision of techno – late night dancefloors, on the fly, going with the flow, going where the spirit takes me. It’s still a mix of old and new, music that’s had a heavy influence on me mixed together with some new discoveries.” – Prequel Tapes

Based on material from old DAT tapes, Inner Systems was both nostalgic and refreshingly contemporary, a personal statement expressed through an anonymous moniker. Prequel Tapes returned with a Techno-infused EP on the Singaporean imprint Midnight Shift at the tail end of 2017 (A limited 3 part series from Midnight Shift featuring Xhin, Kirk Degiorgio and Prequel Tapes).

“As I had the chance to use the sound-system at Tresor’s Globus, I went there, hit the record button and put this down in a single take. There might be some little mistakes here and there, sometimes I fight with a record – but this is exactly the mood I wanted to catch, a proper Prequel Tapes techno set.” – Prequel Tapes


  1. ____ Prequel Tapes - 493 - Electronic Explorations ____
  2. 01 Virtualizer - Waves: White Noise [Hypnotic]
  3. 02 Black Seed - Natural Instinct [Details Sound]
  4. 03 Lory D - Abrupt Interuption [Elektronik Outboarding]
  5. 04 Phil Kieran - Basic Pitch [Phil Kieran Recordings]
  6. 05 Area Forty_One - Nocturnal Passions Part I [Delsin Records]
  7. 06 Anxur - Volo 2 (Eerie) /// Kartei - Lichtgarten [W.T. Records]
  8. 07 Deepneue - He's Fresh [label unkown]
  9. 08 ORBE - Laser's Worldwar [Pailnoia]
  10. 09 Tensal - Archives G 3 (Tensal) /// Front 242 Nomenklatura I [Another Side]
  11. 10 Space Frog - Maschinenwelt [Dance Pool]
  12. 11 K-HAND - 007 [Trip]
  13. 12 Devilfish - Snap [Bush]
  14. 13 Steve Stoll - Observer remake [NovaMute]
  15. 14 Prequel Tapes - The Stream [Midnight Shift]
  16. 15 Reeko - TZXX-1 [Pole Recordings]
  17. 16 Gez Varley - Violator [Force Inc.]
  18. 17 The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms [Virgin]