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Reso will release his first album, Tangram, on November 5th, 2012.

The London-based artist Alex Melia has been releasing music for five years, most of it dubstep and drum & bass for labels like Subway and Civil Music. The latter imprint will release Tangram, Reso’s first release of the year after two singles on the label in 2011. The album sees Melia tackling familiar brands of aggressive but glossy dubstep and drum & bass, mixed in with more melodic experiments.

There’s a heavy emphasis on synths, even including a synth guitar solo in closing track “Tabris.” The title comes from a Chinese puzzle supposedly emblematic of the album’s varied set of influences, which include japanese Manga and Rephlex Records (according to a press release).

The album features new tracks, and will be preceded by an EP for “Check 1,2” in October.

Reso is simultaneously moving a whole spectrum of electronic genres forward while further cementing his place as the overlord of hi-tech dubstep. With Reso wobble, hypercrunk, breaks, wonky, hip-hop and D n B all receive the treatment. Reso’s deep musicality, incredible skill, intricate programming and wildly diverse references place him at the peak of a new breed of electronic producers.

The sonic counterpart to roaring robotic futurism, Reso’s hybrid of rising ambience, hyper beats and speaker busting tech-basslines feels more suited to a post apocalyptic Tokyo than the contemporary concrete of most Dubstep. A truly inspiring experience his music’s mech-mania induced synthesesia conjures images of neon-tinged neo-Japanese cityscapes, powerful hulking automatons and violent bassline machismo.


  1. Reso - Half life
  2. Distance - Deserted
  3. Commodo - Axis
  4. Heavy 1 - Room 101
  5. Doshy - DCU
  6. UZ - Trap Shit
  7. District - Modulate
  8. Pixel Fist - Shots & Straps
  9. Subdue - Nuerologic
  10. Reso - Axion
  11. L33 - Tracer
  12. Doshy - Plastic
  13. Indigo - The Root
  14. Amit - Killer Driller
  15. Reso - Check 1,2 (Emperor Remix)
  16. Mob Tactics - Prang
  17. Audio & Mindscape - Jarhead
  18. Black Sun Empire - Chaingang (Jade Remix)
  19. Emperor - Smokescreen
  20. Subtension - Breaking Point
  21. Pixelord - Paperball
  22. Aquadrop - Eagle Nebula