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After my passion for warehouse raves was reignited by the recent ‘Dystopia presents Surgeon, Perc and Peverelist’ event, I decided to commission four mixes from some of my favourite producers (plus one from myself) to showcase their interpretations of the “warehouse” sound. Enjoy!

EE 233 – 10 Dec 2012 – DJ Skirt
EE 234 – 11 Dec 2012 – Truss / MPIA3
EE 235 – 12 Dec 2012 – Rob Booth / Stormfield
EE 236 – 13 Dec 2012 – AnD
EE 237 – 14 Dec 2012 – Kangding Ray

“The Dystopia rave happened in Hackney sometime in October. They’d booked Dadub at a previous gig, so were obviously dedicated to pushing the more interesting side of techno. By midnight the room was already in full swing, good friendly nice crowd in a clean warehouse space. Surgeon and Perc were headlining along with Peverelist.”

“Rob turned up around 1am (?) and promptly had a ‘rave mint’ stuck in his mouth. Lots of techno action ensued. The night ended with some melancholic soundscapes from Aphex’s Selected Ambient Works II. Roll on the next day, and he’s texting on and on about a rekindled love of techno and how he’s been inspired to do the Warehouse mix series (ha!).”

“For this mix, Rob handed over some tracks, and I added some of my own. These were all tunes we agreed kept to the vibe of that party – brooding, dark, insistent, hard and a bit twisted. I especially like the Violetshaped remixes, we’d discovered them via some friends in Serbia, and they certainly blow a lot of other stuff out of the water. Broken and syncopated. Some pads and strings were added to make the mix more interesting, to give some contrast with the brutal beats. There’s a few non-techno tracks in there as well, including a snippet of an acid track due for next year on Combat (“Rebuild”). Hope you like.”

The boss behind Combat Recordings, Stormfield DJs, produces and performs audio-visual live sets at various parties, and also runs the regular Riddim’n‘Bruise radio show on Sub FM.

A DJ with 16 years of experience under his belt, Stormfield’s sonic influences are rooted in the early 90’s strains of electronica and abstract techno like LFO, Aphex Twin, Black Dog and Autechre. Taking on board the early junglism of Photek and Source Direct, he later carried these influences proudly through other forms of music like electro, dubstep and hard breakage.

Later exposure to the works of Scorn and a 4-year stint living near Brixton’s colossal dub soundsystems left him with a pathological need for chest-crushing basslines, and thus Combat Recordings was formed in 2004.

2010 saw him evolve Combat A.V., fusing the label’s visual and sonic elements in the form of improvised live audio visual performances across Europe like the Norberg Fest (Sweden), REC Fest (Spain), Freeze Fest / Anti Surveillance Benefit (Czech), Tacheles (Berlin), FutureEverything Fest UK (with Jesu/Dead Fader), Glade (with Broken Note), Bangface Weekender UK (with Scorn), Athens Video Art Fest and Luben Fest (Greece). Ever busy, he also teaches A.V. and ran a workshop on audio visual technology at the Norberg Festival in Sweden, 2011.

Stormfield’s Smashment mix became the first dancehall jungle AV mix to be featured on the Electronic Explorations podcast.


  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 235 - Rob Booth | Stormfield (Warehouse Sessions 003)
  2. ____________________________________________________________________
  3. 01 - Vex'd – Cold – [Planet Mu]
  4. 02 - Curve - Falling Free (AFX remix) – [Anxious Records]
  5. 03 - Helios - The Jaguar Sun – [Unseen Records]
  6. 04 - Violetshaped - The Oven (Kangding Ray remix) – [Violet Poison]
  7. 05 - Stormfield - Rebuild – [Forthcoming ‘Combat Recordings’ March 2013]
  8. 06 - AnD - Lost without G – [Repitch]
  9. 07 - Violetshaped - The Lord won’t forget (Roly Porter remix) – [Violet Poison]
  10. 08 - British Murder Boys - In another Country – [Liberation Technologies]
  11. 09 - Helios - The Jaguar Sun – [Unseen Records]
  12. 10 - British Murder Boys - Dead Sun – [Liberation Technologies]
  13. 11 - Stormfield - Ice winds (loop)
  14. 12 - AnD - Making Circles (Svreca remix) – [Repitch]
  15. 13 - Violetshaped - Delusory Parasitosis (Vatican Shadow remix) – [Violet Poison]
  16. 14 - AnD - Making Circles – [Repitch]
  17. 15 - Lucy – Finnegan – [Curle Recordings]
  18. 16 - AnD - Deep Consciousness – [Repitch]
  19. 17 - Gridlock – Atomontage – [Hymen Records]
  20. 18 - Greystates - Cult of Mars – []
  21. 19 - Fausten - Noch ein schlechter Mensch? – [??]
  22. 20 - Helios - In Everything Was Given – [Unseen Records]