NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

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There’s definitely plenty to read on the site. There are hundreds of recent album reviews, label profiles, and interviews with your favorite artists. With the Two and a Half Questions feature, Headphone Commute managed to track down everyone from Max Richter to Clint Mansell to Carsten Nicolai and Wolfgang Voigt.

This month is a very special time for Headphone Commute, where an entire year of music is combined into one massive entry highlighting the best of the best. The following two mixes feature Headphone Commute’s favorite ambient and modern classical selections of 2010, intended to showcase the best of the genre from prominent and up-and-coming artists.

Another year in music has passed. How do I celebrate all of the great releases? Best of 2010 lists featuring some of my favorites is one thing, but how do I share the actual feelings that the music evokes? Well here it is! The first part of the mix selecting some of my absolute favorite pieces from ambient, neo-classical, and modern classical releases. Just look at the tracklisting! I spent countless hours perfecting this mix, so I hope you enjoy, and spread the word! Part two is on the way!!!


Perhaps best known for his work on his own label Yellow Machines and his music released on Combat Recordings, Jude Greenaway aka “Scanone” is a London-based producer and DJ who has been making, playing and releasing music for over a decade. In that time he has managed to develop a sound that skirts around the lunatic fringes of a myriad of underground genres, from bass-heavy electro and techno to glitched-up IDM and techy, brooding, dubstep.

Scanone has performed in Australia, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Bilboao, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris and New York in various clubs and festivals.Also playing at The Big Chill. Glastonbury. Amsterdam’s notorious Melkweg and at The CCCB in Barcelona.

As both an accomplished producer and DJ, Scanone has performed live sets in various contemporary London venues: Fabric, Cargo, Herbal, Sketch, ICA, Wang, Bass Invader, DJ’ing alongside some of the biggest names currently on the scene: Radioactive Man, Si Begg, Andrew Weatherall, Tipper, Point B, Cursor Minor, Warlock, Blackmass plastics, Benga, Vex’d…

Throughout the years his dj and live sets have gained a solid reputation on the London club circuit.


Yellow Machines
Combat Recordings
Dirty Needles Records
Studio Rockers
Blase Records


  1. Rob Booth (1st Part)
  2. Coki – Animal – [DMZ]
  3. Reso – Identity – [Free to download on the 'reso' website]
  4. Distance – Falling ft Alys Be – [Dub]
  5. Lung – Afterlife (Kryptic Minds remix) – [kokeshi]
  6. Actress – Maze – [Honest Jons]
  7. Octave One – I Believe (Sandwell District Remix) – [430 West]
  8. _________________________________
  9. Scan One – Live Mix Set
  11. SCANONE_HIP748_(LIVEMIX)_Unreleased
  14. SCANONE_ANGELS_Forthcoming on SYNDETIC RECS 2011
  16. ________________________________
  17. Rob Booth (cont’d)
  18. Forest Swords – Miarches – [Olde English Spelling Bee]
  19. Cex – Secret Monog (Baconhead Remix)
  20. _______________________________
  21. Headphone Commute – Best of Modern Classical 2010
  22. Part One : Descending Into Matter
  23. Rafael Anton Irisarri – Für Alina / Reverie [Immune, 2010]
  24. Richard Skelton – Of The Last Generation / Landings [Type, 2010, Reissue]
  25. Nest – Far From Land / Retold [Serein, 2010]
  26. Max Richter – Infra 5 / Infra [130701/FatCat, 2010]
  27. Peter Gregson – Flight Path / Terminal [Mute Song, 2010]
  28. Hildur Guðnadóttir – Casting / Mount A [Touch, 2010, Reissue]
  29. Clem Leek – The Burnt Home / Holly Lane [Hibernate, 2010]
  30. Loscil – Showers of Ink / Endless Falls [Kranky, 2010]
  31. Beta Cloud – Marsh of Sleep / Lunar Monograph [Laughing Bride, 2010]
  32. Asura – Getsemani / 360 [Ultimae, 2010]
  33. The Orb – Glen Coe / Pop Ambient 2010 [Kompakt, 2010]
  34. Brian Eno – Written, Forgotten [Warp, 2010]
  35. Olan Mill – The Prescribed Individual / Pine [Serein, 2010]
  36. _____________________________
  37. Rob Booth (cont'd)
  38. Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP – ['Swamp81' Xmas freebie]