NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

Following the release of Lucid Reworks, with mixes by Marcel Dettmann, Radioactive Man and The Exaltics, Second Storey steps up with a mix featuring tracks from the EP plus tracks from his recent 2nd album for Houndstooth, Lucid Locations. Alec takes in electro, IDM and classic WATMM

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What have you been up to recently?
I’ve been on a busy touring schedule with Hercules and Love Affair. I play Drums and do tech and Fx for the band. I’ve also been concentrating on listening and collecting new music for DJ’ing. I try not to listen to too much of other people’s music when I’m writing an album as i find it can cloud the sonic narrative, so it’s been good to appreciate all the amazing stuff out there at the moment.

Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix?
I chose to focus this mix on Electro and the crossover into IDM and spaces in-between. Electro is the backbone of my music and has always featured in my mixes in some way, the same with Electronica, but this one’s more dedicated to that sound than others I’ve done. There’s some all-time favourites on there as well as a bunch of newer stuff I’m into, peppered with my some of my recent work.

What are you up to next?
I’ve got a solo EP in the pipeline and I’m working on my 2nd album for R&S with Appleblim…he’s living in Berlin now but he’s over here for Christmas and new year so we’ll definitely be cracking on with our stuff, interspersed with Ale drinking and extra-large hi-grade fry-ups (out to “the fry-up police” for constant and unwavering frinspiration)


  1. Second Storey - 486 - Electronic Explorations
  2. __________________________________________________
  3. 01 Autechre - Eutow [Warp]
  4. 02 Urban Tribe - Eukaryotic [Trust]
  5. 03 Pip Williams - Bitty Ends [CPU]
  6. 04 Simulant - Spectre [Scopex]
  7. 05 Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence [Whities]
  8. 06 Second Storey - Barrel Roll [Houndstooth]
  9. 07 Radioactive Man - Uranium [Rotters Golf Club]
  10. 08 Special Request - Adel Crag Microdot [Houndstooth]
  11. 09 Second Storey - Moesha Moved to Margate(Radioactive Man Mix) [Houndstooth]
  12. 10 Yaleesa Hall - Zoe Price [Will & Ink]
  13. 11 Drexciya - Intro [Submerge]
  14. 12 Bitstream - Incubator (Extended Version) [Signal]
  15. 13 Second Storey - No Such Location [Houndstooth]
  16. 14 AFX - Nightmail 1 [Warp]
  17. 15 Second Storey - Attack of the Modlings [Trust]
  18. 16 Second Storey - Ajunlei 8 (The Exaltics Remix) [Houndstooth]
  19. 17 Cyspe - Transmission [Insula]
  20. 18 Aleksi Perala - UK74R1510029 [DUB Recordings]
  21. 19 Condition Red - The Safety is Off [Underground Resistance]
  22. 20 Urban Tribe - RNA World [Rephlex]
  23. 21 Second Storey - Grand Rapid [Houndstooth]
  24. 22 Voice Stealer - Electromotive Force [Subvert]
  25. 23 AFX - Fenix Funk 5 [Rephlex]