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“This mix represents what you would expect from a standard Shapednoise’s dj-set on a Warehouse rave party situation. Making a long trip through sophisticated drone and experimental IDM and aggressive, crude industrial techno” – Shapednoise

Releases on: Hospital Productions/Opal Tapes/Violet Poison/REPITCH Recordings

Born in Palermo, Shapednoise got into dance and rave culture,and particularly electronic music when he was 14. In 2009 he moves to Milan for studying “Audio Engineering”at Sae Institute, and he begins to dedicate himself to production of techno music.   In 2010, several travels to Berlin and the confidence of his friend Ascion, has been new motivating forces to keep on his first productions.  He starts to crunk out his first releases, pretty much “canonical” techno, soon getting to the development of a very personal sound, orientated to experimental sound design with an industrial background. His works meet immediatly a great success among the insiders.

In june 2011, after finishing his studies, Shapednoise moved to Berlin and starts working on “REPITCH”, a new label founded together with Ascion and D.Carbone.

REPITCH is definitely a label of dark tonalities.  Shapednoise will take care of the experimentation of sounds turned towards a not so distant future, out of every musical logic, perfectly denoting the concept already defined by the other two Repitch, but undoubtely in a more extreme way.   In 2012, Shapednoise started to work together with Violet Poison for the Violet Poison imprint, an experimental/hybrid techno label inspired by the greatest Italian horror movies directors from the 1960-1970’s decades and from obscure producers of vintage electronica and harsh noise/industrial music.

Industrial, Techno, Experimental, Extreme Noise.

Shapednoise is also part of the collaborative project Violetshaped.  Together they published reworks by important artists like Keith fullerton Whitman,Justin Broadrick,Vatican Shadow,Roly Porter,Kangding Ray and Grischa lichtenberger.  In the 2013 Violet Poison imprint has released the Violetshaped debut album.  Shapednoise had also his solo debut album on limited-edition cassette for the Dominick Fernow’s (Prurient/Vatican Shadow) Hospital Productions followed by another mini LP on 12″ for the experimental-ghostly UK label Opal Tapes.


  2. Shapednoise - 009
  3. ________________________________________________
  4. 01 - Basic House - Dry Contract – [Alter]
  5. 02 - Synth Sense - Broken Parallels – [Diode]
  6. 03 - Fis - CE Visions – [Tri Angle]
  7. 04 - Samuel Kerridge - Disgust – [Downwards]
  8. 05 - Fret - Untitled – [Downwards]
  9. 06 - Aphex Twin - Start As You Mean To Go On – [Warp]
  10. 07 - Violetshaped - Spectral Nightdrive – [Violet Poison]
  11. 08 - Ontal - Function – [Violet Poison]
  12. 09 - Violet Poison - B1 – [Repitch Recordings]
  13. 10 - Honzo - Seizure – [3TH]
  14. 11 - Autechre - Ganzt Graf – [Warp]
  15. 12 - Mika Vainio - Scale – [Blast First Petite]
  16. 13 - Ryojii Ikeda - Supercodex 09 – [Raster Noton]
  17. 14 - Zomby - Overdose – [4AD]