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“The Collapsing EP will be the 33rd release on Stormfield’s own Combat Recordings label, released next week, a good friend and a great label, I’ve commissioned Stormfield to piece together something special in order to push what is a very challenging and incredible EP often testing your listening and exposing you to some pretty raw shit, 4 track vinyl and 6 track digi.”

Artist: Stormfield
Title: Collapsing System EP
Format: vinyl / digital
Cat: COMBAT033
Release: mid March 2013

A1 – Rebuild (original)
A2 – Rebuild (DeFeKt remix)
B1 – Collapsing System (Nonima remix)
B2 – Collapsing System (Errorbeauty remix)

Rebuild (original)
Rebuild (DeFeKt remix)
Collapsing System (original)
Collapsing System (Nonima remix)
Collapsing System (Errorbeauty remix)
Sea Ice (original)

“This selection of tracks is a snapshot of where my head is at the moment. Acid, strings, subs and autistic techy rhythms that’s been played over the past few months under the Combat flag on Sub FM and at various gigs. While not an “influences mix” it’s certainly a mix of old and new acid. I always try to keep the tension running all through.

COMBAT033 is the latest salvo from the uncompromising Combat imprint, with label head Stormfield’s original productions. Though the tracks come in several different styles and tempos, the unifying theme for this release is acid, acid and more acid.

Rebuild is a 140bpm dark electro beast of broken machine rhythms and huge bassdrums underpinning the dramatic sci fi drones and edgy paranoid strings. Multiple 303 patterns chatter in a 4 way conversation, as the acid structure builds, changes form and builds itself again over a melting 8 minutes.

Collapsing System goes in a cinematic direction instead, conjuring imagery of gigantic structures slowly exploding and crumbling undersea, dense reverbs and echoes resounding in 3 dimensional space.

Sea Ice is a slow “winter techno” track that calls to mind Antarctic winds, cracking ice floors, marching through thick snow for miles and miles. Similar in style to the dub techno output of Deepchord, but armed with the characteristic snarl and sharp drumwork you’d expect from Combat. Ironically the track was started on one of the hottest weekends in summer, as a way to take the mind off the heat.

The tracks get the remix treatment from a some new allies to the clan:

Current UK electro scene favourite Defekt has won favour with Rob Booth (Electronic Explorations) and Dave Clarke for his warm, analogue electro and turns Rebuild into a minimalist, bass-heavy dance floor track driven by throbbing, pulsing drum machines and technoid bleeps.

London-based, Bulgarian-born producer Errorbeauty reworks the tranquility of Collapsing System into relentless apocalyptic acid, brutal electro designed for lights-out basement style carnage, yet infused with playful bleeps of melodic detail between the jagged rhythms.

Nonima, one of Scotland’s most underrated electronic producers turns in a fierce, technical workout of a track, in the form of a syncopated techno remix reminiscent of some of Surgeon’s early dance floor works.

This is an EP that wears its rebellious streak on it’s sleeve. But don’t think this is anti-dance music. Scaring your audience and moving them are not mutually exclusive. This is music for dystopian dance floors.

The tunes come from a new AV set which gets performed this 6th April in London; it will have both visual and audio elements running in sync. Coming from a DJ discipline, the set is built from the sound up and thus remains solidly 100% dancefloor. Errorbeauty, who also plays on that night, has done an insane remix of Collapsing System – Proper lights-out, air raid acid vibes.

There’s also a bit of the Nonima remix in there; he’s one of the most brilliant and underrated producers at the moment, and a great sound designer. I’m genuinely surprised that larger labels haven’t signed him yet. The remix parts were sent to them without the original tracks, which resulted in remixes that sound nothing like the original. It would have been rude not to include a ScanOne track, he was the first ever artist on Combat. “The Swarm” by Blu Mar Ten has been thrown in as a nod back to the old days working with Fuel Records.


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Link to Stormfield “Collapsing System EP Launch party” :
Stormfield // Errorbeauty @ Frequency Resonate, 06 April, Ginglk, London

Toward the end of the mix you’ll find a snippet of Evisceration, an acid collaboration between myself and Monster X (as FAUSTEN). The album gets released in the springtime on Ad Noiseam with a whole load of videowork as well. Watch this space.”


  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 251 - Stormfield's "Hanya Acid mix"
  2. ______________________________________________________
  3. [01] - Anstam - Watching the ships go down - [50 Weapons]
  4. [02] - Ontal - Output - Darkfloor Sound - [forthcoming]
  5. [03] -The Advent - Only Power - [Electrix]
  6. [04] - Stormfield - Rebuild - [Combat Recordings]
  7. [05] - Duran Duran Duran - Corryslander - [unreleased]
  8. [06] - Anthony Rother - Don't stop the Beat - [Elektrolux]
  9. [07] - Kink - Caustic Soda - [Sharivari]
  10. [08] - Anstam - Black Friesian Monoliths - [50 Weapons]
  11. [09] - Richard Devine - Jiff Acid - [Detroit Underground]
  12. [10] - Plaid - Super Positions - [Warp]
  13. [11] - Phlex - Beckett - [Schematic]
  14. [12] - MPIA3 - Roly Poly Babs - [R & S]
  15. [13] - Swarm Intelligence - Thrash (Rory St John remix) - [Acroplane]
  16. [14] - Forward Strategy Group - Inside the Shadows (Dadub Metropolis mix) - [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  17. [15] - Fausten - Evisceration - Ad Noiseam [forthcoming album and EP)
  18. [16] - Blu Mar ten - The Swarm - [TCR]
  19. [17] - Stormfield - Collapsing System (Errorbeauty mix) - [Combat Recordings]
  20. [18] - ScanOne - Gangsta Riddim (Roel Funcken mix) - [Outside Recordings]
  21. [19] - Stormfield - Collapsing System (Nonima mix) - [Combat Recordings]