NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“With this mix we wanted to give you, the listener, a glimpse into the sound of the Auxiliary label and the artists involved.  All the music in this mix is taken from the past, present & future of Auxiliary. covering a wide range of styles from techno inspired music to beautifully arranged soundscapes. We would like to think this mix sums up the overall sound of the labels ever growing catalog of experimental, forward thinking music. As cliche as it sounds, we have never wanted to fit into any pigeon hole or stereotype. We would like to think that our production and arrangements don’t conform to any genre, but rather exploit experimentation.”

Real names – Dan Kiley & Ray lewis
Location – Kent UK
(Bookings) synthsense(at)auxiliarymusic(dot)com

There are artists who tow the line, following trends and fashions of the day. There are alternatively those who buck the trend creating their own unique path. Synth Sense fall into the latter category. –

Their latest work Symbol #9 dropped in April 2013, and in staying with the themes of the series the tracks are not named but numbered 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4. Label boss ASC says this will be the final instalment for the series so is in many ways the grand finale. The numbering of the series has added a certain sense of anonymous mystique to the tracks, so easy it would have been to give the tracks grandiose titles as the music does warrant it, but instead you are presented with the stark realities of industrial electronica. To shed some light onto the tracks, OrganicBeats ask Synth Sense to elaborate on each piece.

9.1 “We wrote this track straight after the ‘Tomorrows World’ album. The album was very stripped back and atmospheric and we felt that we needed to delve deeper into our analogue synths. Prior to making this track we had bought an album by ‘Tonto’s Expanding Head Band’. A track featured on their album called ‘Jetsex’ inspired us to really push our analogue equipment to get that stereotypical warm sound breathing and living within our production.”

9.2 “On this one, we shifted towards a more organic, melodic state. The vocal is sampled from a native Indian talking about our current state of our natural world. The main inspiration behind the track was the vocal itself. It inspired us to create a fitting soundscape which represents the message.”

9.3 “At the time we were listening to a lot of alternative deep techno from the likes of Demdike Stare, Raime and Andy Stott. ASC actually confronted us to make a techno track around the time of our exploration into techno which gave us the confidence to produce a very driven piece of music.”

9.4 “Being huge fans of FSOL and bands such as Pink Floyd gave us the inspiration behind this track. Being involved with Auxiliary allows us to bounce ideas and get inspiration from one another. It was only after hearing recent tracks by the crew, that we drew inspiration to use sounds such as dreamy hypnotic arpeggio’s and subtle ambient field recordings, which were layered underneath a string of guitar recordings.”

Thanks Organic Beats for the blurb on Symbol #9



  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 274 - Synth Sense
  2. _____________________________________________
  3. 01 - Synth Sense - Electronic Explorations Intro
  4. 02 - ASC - Citrus (AUXTR002)
  5. 03 - ASC & Sam KDC - Cold Spot (AUXWL002)
  6. 04 - Synth Sense - Symbol #9.2 (AUXSYM009)
  7. 05 - ASC & Synkro - Sacred Moments (AUX004)
  8. 06 - ??????????
  9. 07 - Sam KDC - Symbol #3.3 (AUXSYM003)
  10. 08 - Kiyoko - First Light (AUXCD003)
  11. 09 - Sam KDC -Tides Of The Moon (AUX008)
  12. 10 - Synth Sense - SRV Experiment (AUXCD004)
  13. 11 - Abstract Elements - Fourth Dimension (AUX005)
  14. 12 - Synth Sense - Deleted Scene (AUXCD004)
  15. 13 - ??????????
  16. 14 - Sam KDC - Symbol #8.1 (AUXSYM008)
  17. 15 - Bering Strait - Background (AUXCD005)
  18. 16 - ASC - Symbol #1.1 (AUXSYM001)
  19. 17 - Synth Sense - Lost In Time (Synkro Remix) (AUXCD004V)
  20. 18 - Method One - High Sierra (AUX006)
  21. 19 - ASC - As The Dust Settles (AUXTR001)
  22. 20 - ASC & bvdub - Symbol #2.4 (AUXSYM002)
  23. 21 - ??????????
  24. 22 - ??????????
  25. 23 - Sam KDC - Catacomb (AUX008)
  26. 24 - Synth Sense - Nexus 2 (AUXCD004)
  27. 25 - ??????????
  28. 26 - Synth Sense - Alien Transmissions File #1 (AUXTR008)
  29. 27 - Indigo - Symbol #7.4 (AUXSYM007)
  30. 28 - Central Industrial - Their Fleeting Memories (AUXCD006)