NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

With this mix I just wanted to present some music from my mates and their various labels but tie it together with some older stuff that still informs how I approach production. There’s a good crew of people in, around, or connected to Manchester at the moment. Their output, as well as the many days and nights spent together within the bowels of The White Hotel have shaped this mix. These tunes have a few elements in common, like: being a bit rude, having a kind of ‘spooky’ feel, being rhythmically playful whilst retaining as much forward momentum as possible.

Szare were formed during a game of darts at the Royal Oak pub in South Manchester. With the first transmission coming via a Horizontal Ground white label in 2009 under the pseudonym, and have since released music under the Szare moniker through Frozen Border, Idle Hands, Field Records, Project 13, among others.

Now operating out of The Peak District as the solo project of Andrew Diaczuk — with Jack Coulton retaining a seat on the security council as an occasional contributor — the enigmatic bass-techno hybrid is gearing up to release some of it’s most ambitious and definitive works thus far, with an EP on Mumdance & Logos Different Circles imprint and two other as yet undisclosed releases lined up for 2018. Late last year saw an appearance on Tommy 47’s eponymous 47 labels most recent compilation; 47007, following up from an EP for Delsin’s off-shoot imprint Field recordings, alongside a slew of live dates and DJ shows across the EU.



  1. Szare - 499 - Electronic Explorations
  2. _____________________________________________
  3. 01 La Peste - Il Y A [1.4, 1.5, 1.6] (Hangars Liquides)
  4. 02 Franziska Lantz - ds organ (Global Warming Records)
  5. 03 Via Maris - Miasma (Mistry)
  6. 04 Szare - Occupied Territory (unreleased)
  7. 05 Siete Catorce - Susurro (Hypermedium)
  8. 06 Sleeparchive - Radio Transmission (Sleeparchive)
  9. 07 NHK - 845 (Diagonal)
  10. 08 Container - Slush (Liberation Technologies)
  11. 09 Franziska Lantz - bs (Global Warming Records)
  12. 10 Ploy - Roy's Rolls (Timedance)
  13. 11 Szare - Translocated (Different Circles)
  14. 12 Gábor Lázár - Propel (forthcoming on The Death Of Rave)
  15. 13 Beneath - Special Offer (Mistry)
  16. 14 Physical Therapy - This Techno Tool Track Kills Fascists (Physically Sick)
  17. 15 AQXDM - Ballad 02 (Bedouin Records)
  18. 16 Fraxinus - Stone Drums (Her Records)
  19. 17 Age Coin - Vesey (Posh Isolation)
  20. 18 Simo Cell - Consider The Internet (Timedance)
  21. 19 Javelin [Acre] - Bones (unreleased)
  22. 20 Paradon’t - Chuwangk Kyuh Hay (thrd mpct) (Disk)
  23. 21 Shadows - Particles Of Life (Opal Tapes)