NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

I’m next playing at my party Neighbourhood at The Pickle Factory on Saturday 17th June along with Randomer, Kamikaze Space Programme and Metrist, which I’m well excited about. I haven’t done a party for 6 months so it’s time for Neighbourhood! 7th year of parties, third release on it’s way! It’s actually really feeling like when I first started promoting, with all my friends playing and it’s Randomer’s birthday n’ all, double celebrations! ~ Tasha

Connecting with drum n bass in her mid-teens – Tasha has had her head in music for much of her existence. It’s been quite a dynamic path for the London based DJ. She started out her career gaining ground in the d’n’b world being championed by Metalheadz affiliate Storm and landed a regular spot in Rinse FM before being turned onto the techno sound she most closely identifies with today.

“This is a studio mix I recorded at Radar Radio Studios, technics 1210s, Pioneer CDjs Nexus 2000 and pioneer mixer. A mixture of old and new techno tunes I’m really feeling, incorporating a few different flavours, it’s not a linear mix. I’ve included one of my tunes along with one of the tunes on the forthcoming Neighbourhood release, HOOD 003.”


“All these tunes have struck a chord with me, in some way or another. I had to include that fizzy acid Trackman tune, a bit of a timeless one that one, I generally always include a Robert Hood tune and Live Rhythm Separate is an old favourite. I was sent a few new gems, which worked well in the mix, I’ve been obsessed with the new Stenny remix on Timedance these last few weeks, and that whole Lady Starlight EP is so raw and rough, proper into it.”

“It’s not all about the freshest dubs to be honest, I just rolled it out. I guess it’s a mixture of tunes I’d play in a club or on radio. A lot of people say I play hard sets, which I love to play out, this isn’t all hammer and tongs tbh. Just switch the lights off, close your eyes and pretend you’re in a dark, sweaty, dingy basement dancing like no-ones watching!”

“I’ve been working on my own music, finishing tunes, wondering what the fuck to do with them! I will probably put them out on my label.”


  1. Tasha - 472 - Electronic Explorations
  2. __________________________________
  3. 01. Actress - X22RME - [Ninja Tune]
  4. 02. Trackman - Six - [Infrastructure New York]
  5. 03. Differ-ent - Gem In Eyes (feat DJ Bone) - [Don’t Be Afraid]
  6. 04. Randomer - Rye - [LIES]
  7. 05. Neel - Souls On The Run - [Semantica]
  8. 06. Objekt - Needle and Thread - [Objekt]
  9. 07. Henning Baer - Spiritual Quest - [Non Plus]
  10. 08. Marcel Dettmann - Lattice - [MDR]
  11. 09. Truncate - Tribal Tool - [Blueprint]
  12. 10. James Ruskin - Live Rhythm Separate - [OVR Live]
  13. 11. South London Ordnance - XN-2
  14. 12. Arkitect - Dither - [Private Selection]
  15. 13. Cadans - 1 Bar Fu - [Clone Basement]
  16. 14. James Ruskin - Untitled (A2) Prevention Beyond Cause - [Blueprint]
  17. 15. Planetary Assault Systems - Twelve (Psyk Rework) - [Mote Evolver]
  18. 16. Tasha - Power Up
  19. 17. Metrist - Eliot Mi Fe (Cadans Remix) - [Neighbourhood]
  20. 18. Cleric - Concrete - [Infrastructure New York]
  21. 19. Dax J - West Bank - [Soma]
  22. 20. Lady Starlight - f8 - [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  23. 21. DJ Deep - Stressin' (Ben Sims Remix) - [Deeply Rooted]
  24. 22. Monobox - The Construct - [Logistic]
  25. 23. Lurka - Beater (Stenny Remix) - [Timedance]