NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“This TKDE Electronic Explorations mix is a journey through parts of the landscapes that have formed TKDE. From analogue paths to digital highways…dark, mysterious and melancholic, TKDE decided to make the scope as diverse as possible, travelling past Tunisia and Guinea to Scotland and Japan. It’s a mix showing the diversity but also the similarity in melancholy when it comes to global music. Also we hope to give the listener some new input into great music out there…”

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble (TKDE) formed in 2000 as a project to compose new music for existing silent movies. Jason Köhnen and Gideon Kiers, both graduates of the Utrecht School of Arts, combined their audio and visual skills to reinterpret classic movies by F.W. Murnau (Nosferatu) and F. Langs (Metropolis).

In 2004 UK trombonist Hilary Jeffery and Swiss cellist Nina Hitz joined TKDE to record the self-titled debut album which was released on Planet Mu Records in May 2006. The ensuing tour saw Eelco Bosman and Paris based vocalist Charlotte Cegarra join, forming the Ensemble into a sextet.  London based violinist Sadie Anderson joined in 2008 to supply the group with extra power on stage.

The Netherlands has been TKDE’s homebase since 2007, while members have moved closer to each other to make composing and producing easier.

Apart from the mothership which is TKDE, there is another entity; The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation is a live improv jazz/drone/doom sideproject consisting of TKDE members and a host of interchanging guest musicians.

Due to the vast possibilities within the band, the sound spectrum of TKDE is hard to capture within one specific composition. Moreover, the project will lean towards various styles depending on the respective members working together at a given time. A good mix between atmosphere and technique is always the strong basis for a TKDE composition.

Live TKDE  fuse analog and digital as much as possible. Combining traditional instrumentations (comprising cello, trombone, violin, beats, guitar, bass and vocals) with existing and/or self-developed software, continuously blending and mutating, creating an organic and electronic performance, supported by visuals which add to and interact with the frequencies of said instruments.

Gideon Kiers : Beats / FX: Known for his abstract audiovisual work with Telcosystems . Worked with Jochem Paap (Speedy J), on the development of the 5.1 surround sound ‘Umfeld’ project. Runs the bi-annual Sonic Acts Festival in Paradiso Amsterdam.

Jason Köhnen : Double Bass / Fretless :  Better known as hardcore electronics artist Bong-Ra. Recorded a session for John Peel in 2001. Released on labels such as Planet Mu, Cock Rock Disco and Sublight, remixed Venetian Snares ‘Rossz’ album and has played on nearly all the bigger festivals including Glastonbury 2007.

Hilary Jeffery : Trombone / Oscillator : Popular free-jazz/improv trombonist , performs regulary with Jimi Tenor, Patrick Pulsinger and Nick Bullen’s Black Galaxy. Released various albums with the post punk band Sand and solo.

Charlotte Cegarra : Vocal FX /Various instruments : French vocalist from a very musical background. Multi-instrumentalist, playing xylophone, flute, piano and rhodes. Graduated from the Paris College of Music, specializes in electronics.

Eelco Bosman : Guitar : Graduate of the Utrecht School of Arts, majoring in Sound Technology. Dutch guitarist, part of the Utrecht guitar-drone music scene in Utrecht. Currently working on 78 RPM, a heavy droning project.

Sadie Anderson : Violin : Violinist and multi-instrumentalist for Chrome Hoof, Kobayashi Ensemble, Blue Roses and many other projects.

Nina Hitz : Cello : Conservatory of Zurich cello graduate specialized in Barok music. Performs with various theater groups : Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, The Barton Workshop. Specializing in improv, film music and theater.


  1. 01. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble : Sharbat Gula
  2. 02. Mulatu Astatqe : Yekatit
  3. 03. Sapo Perapaskero : Balada Conducatorolui
  4. 04. Miles Davis : Julien Dans L’Ascensceur
  5. 05. Julee Cruise : She Would Die For Love
  6. 06. Bohren und der Club Of Gore : Midnight Walker
  7. 07. Pharaoh Sanders : Ole
  8. 08. Albert Ayler : Wizard
  9. 09. Orchestra Baobab : Utrus Horas
  10. 10. Bembeya Jazz National : Ballake / Fatoumata
  11. 11. Pale Sketcher : Plans That Fade
  12. 12. Mogwai : 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
  13. 13. Fennesz / Sakamoto : Oto
  14. 14. Max Richter : Flowers For Yulia
  15. 15. The Gentleman Losers : Honey Bunch
  16. 16. Ennio Morricone : For A Fistful Of Dollars
  17. 17. Yma Sumac : Xtabay
  18. 18. Portishead : We Carry On
  19. 19. Explosions In The Sky : Greet Death
  20. 20. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble : The MacGuffin