NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“A DJ mix that shows my obsession with step-sequenced machine music – artists including Lory D, In Aeternam Vale, The Horrorist, Das Ding, alongside newer producers like Schwefelgelb and Alessandro Adriani aswell as a few unreleased tracks from myself and ‘Promises On The Run’ from the Cititrax release.”

Cititrax is thrilled to present a split EP by two massive talents, Borusiade and The Sixteen Steps.

Borusiade, originally from Bucharest, Romania began as a DJ in the early 2000s and then started producing music in 2005. With a background in classical music, she combined her love of raw electronics, obscure themes and melodic lines to create her own signature sound. She has released on the Cómeme label as well as Corresepondent.

Infatuation and Confutation are dark, moody and intense tracks that catch you upon first listen. The flip side of the Promises and Infatuation EP features The Sixteen Steps, the brainchild of previous EE guest George Lanham (153) who cut his musical teeth DJing and running events in the south of England. We have been listening to many of his tracks endlessly for a while now. They’ve also been a highlight of Veronica Vasicka‘s DJ sets as of late. Signals From The South and Promises On The Run are both immaculately produced, hypnotic, dance floor killers.

They are sparse ebm meets smoky warehouse techno, and offer a wonderful contrast to Borusiade’s layered emotive tracks that reminisce of an East Village club in the 1980s. Themes of infatuation, appearances, and anonymity appear throughout this EP from the music itself right through to the cover art.

Limited edition vinyl pressing of 999 copies, first 500 copies are pressed on black inside milky clear vinyl (each record is one of a kind), housed in a matte printed sleeve.

“Recorded on CDJs and an ancient Pioneer mixer in my studio in Badalona, Spain, July 2017”

Promises and Infatuation EP on Cititrax:

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  1. The Sixteen Steps - 476 - Electronic Explorations
  2. ________________________________________________________
  3. 01 - Das Ding - Slash - [Pinkman]
  4. 02 - Alessandro Adriani - You'll Simply Never Understand The True Meaning Of Sacrifice - [Pinkman Broken Dreams]
  5. 03 - The Sixteen Steps (Untitled / Unreleased Track)
  6. 04 - Delta Funktionen - Warp Drive - [Radio Matrix]
  7. 05 - The Sixteen Steps (Untitled / Unreleased Track)
  8. 06 - In Aeternam Vale - La Grille - [Khemia]
  9. 07 - Renegade Soundwave - Thunder - [Mute]
  10. 08 - SΛRIN - Anfal - [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe]
  11. 09 - Alessandro Adriani - The Man With The Deadly Dreams - [Pinkman Broken Dreams]
  12. 10 - The Horrorist - Programmed - [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe]
  13. 11 - The Sixteen Steps - Promises On The Run - [Cititrax]
  14. 12 - Front 242 - Welcome To Paradise - [Pias Uk Ltd]
  15. 13 - The Sixteen Steps (Untitled / Unreleased Track)
  16. 14 - Jann - Distorted Life - [Pinkman Broken Dreams]
  17. 15 - Lory D - Acix9999 - [Numbers]
  18. 16 - Dfx - Relax Your Body (Remastered) - [Autum]
  19. 17 - Schwefelgelb - Fokus - [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe]