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“Thule Records has been an integral part of the Icelandic techno scene since 1995 and is considered by many to be a pioneers in the field of dub-influenced techno music. It was a starting point for many of Iceland‘s most renowned electronic musicians of today. This mix showcases the past, present and future of the label – a sort of a macro history of Thule Records.” ~ th0r

Among the labels roster are Thor (founding father ), Exos, Ozy, Plastik (later Yagya), Sanasol, Octal Industries, Den Nard Husher, Ohm and many more.

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  1. Sanasol – Glow

–       Released on Thule Records in 1998. Sanasol was a collaboration between label boss Thor and dub techno legend Yagya. It was re-released in 2014 .

  1. Plastic – Most Unusual (Inner State)
  2. Plastic– River Electric

–       Plastic was a pseudonym of Yagya. River Electric EP was released in 1999 on Thule Records and featured both River Electric and Most Unusual (Inner State). This release will have its re-issue in couple of months.

  1. Exos – Hin Heilaga Threnning

–       The undisputed king of Icelandic techno. His Downgarden EP was the first in the line of new releases from Thule in 2016 since it hiatus. He has various releases coming up – both on Trip Records (run by Nina Kraviz) and his own label.

  1. Waage – W1

–       Up- and coming young artist. Part of the new techno generation which is brewing in Iceland. A beautiful homage to Basic Channel. The future is bright.

  1. Sanasol – Techcliptrax

–       One from the archives. There are hundreds of unreleased DAT tapes from the golden age of Thule laying around. Many of them were planned for release, but unfortunately didn’t see the day of light. Perhaps, when we find time to go over those tapes, we’ll get some of them out there – either digitally or on plastic.

  1. Octal Industries vs OHM – Timelapse (Dub)

–       From a recent release from Thule Records. Two veteran electronic music titans from Iceland unite. Octal Industries has in recent years been exploring his way in the IDM world under the pseudonym Ruxpin, but always keeps a close tie to his roots in the techno music scene. Both of them have been extremely busy recently and have couple of releases coming up on Rawax and Taped Artifact.

  1. Thor – Zorglubb

–       This one came out in 2014 on Strobelight Network, a label run by Amaury Arias.

  1. Sanasol – All Sides will be Lost

–       In 2015 our friends at Sushitech compiled a 3×12” released sort of “best of” my work.

10. OZ Artists – As If The Living Were Moving

–       OZ was a multimedia company in Iceland, who created a division focused on music. Among musicians was myself. In 1998 Thule Records released an LP by Oz Artists entitled Ooger, where the tracks were made by me and Yagya.  The album ages like a good wine, so there are plans to re-release it this year.

11. Cold – Dialogic

–       The first release on Thule Records was by Cold. The release did extremely well – and was f.e. the closing track on infamous Love Parade festival one of the year. The German techno legend Sven Våth even gave the track an overhaul at one point. After the release the artist himself started focusing on other things, but recently has getting back into making music. We’ll be releasing a fantastic EP by him on our sublabel AE Recordings in about couple of months.

12. Sanasol – Normal Spot (Sanarama Mix)

–       Another one from the vaults of Sanasol. This one was the second release on Thule Records back in 1997. Was re-released in 2013.

13. NonniMal – Laufa

–       One of the young cool kids. The new generation. This was released recently on our sublabel AE Recordings.

14. Sanasol – Matrix Noise

–       And yet another one from Sanasol.

15. Thor – Amb ‘97

–       Unreleased track from myself. As mentioned before, there are loads of DAT tapes with music that is just waiting to be dug out and heard. With time, me and my minions will slowly unfold the secret vaults of Thule and share them to the world.

16. Flow Machine – Class of ’96 (Rev Mix)

–       This came out on our friends label Elektrolux on a 10” in 1997. Perhaps we’ll be seeing this one re-released some day. Perhaps.


  1. Thule Records - 465 - Electronic Explorations
  2. thOr presents Thule Records Past, Present, Future and back again.
  3. ________________________________________
  4. 01. thOr_Sanasol - Glow
  5. 02. Plastic - Most Unusual (Inner State)
  6. 03. Plastic - River Electric
  7. 04. Exos - Hin Heilaga THrenning
  8. 05. Waage - W1
  9. 06. Sanasol - Techcliptrax (Unreleased)
  10. 07. Octal Industries vs OHM - Timelapse (Dub)
  11. 08. thOr - Zorglubb
  12. 09. thOr_Sanasol - All Sides Will Be Lost
  13. 10. OZ Artists - As If The Living Were Moving
  14. 11. Cold - Dialogic
  15. 12. Sanasol - Normal Spot (Sanarama Mix)
  16. 13. NonniMal - Laufa
  17. 14. Sanasol - Matrix Noise
  18. 15. thOr - Amb´97 (Unreleased)
  19. 16. Flow Machine - Class of 96 Rev mix