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TM404 – a unique live project from Andreas Tilliander – The recording from the ‘CTM Festival’ @ Berghain was done by Esther Schelander. Berghain was the debut live set by TM404.
It’s sometimes hard to improvise using lot’s of old machines. The last track might have been too much but I got carried away playing at the best techno club in the world.  There’s some overdriven feedback parts that were due to the fact that I brought a new effect unit that I didn’t try before the set. I had the best time at Berghain. So much love.  All in all, I’m pleased with the gig, even though I discovered some things that can be approved until next set.

Andreas Tilliander has since the debut album “Ljud” (2001), continuously developed and modified his sound. It has sounded  pop on “World Industries” and noise on “Hateless” (the latter under the Mokira monicker), but it has never sounded as the  record to be released in the end of January next year (a 12″ with remixes by praised artist Morphosis will be out as soon as 28th of November).

With a new alias, TM404, Andreas Tilliander has created enjoyable ambient dub simmering with life and details. The songs have all been recorded live, in real time in the studio. A unique way of operating within today’s electronic music.

Everything is recorded in one take. Nothing is post arranged, says Andreas Tilliander, and adds that this might be his most ambitious album ever.

On Youtube you can witness how Tilliander and the machines are working together. Andreas himself has filmed and posted the material.

The Roland instruments’ collectable value is high. Andreas also flaunts a Roland 505 and a 909. However, they didn’t appear on the record.

– The idea was to make stripped down music, so I excluded them. I also restricted myself further. The 303 has for example, two wave forms for creating sound, but I decided to only use one.

The project’s name is also a tribute to Roland, although of the more intricate kind.
When they made these machines in the eighties, they avoided the 404, since the sound for four, ‘chi’, is the same as the sound for death in Japanese. At that time it was therefore taboo and the 404 was never launched. Not until now, due to my album!

The Roland TB-303 is perhaps the most famous of the instruments on the record. It’s primarily associated with the acid wave from the late eighties, when bands like Phuture made dance music with croaking sounds. Right now, many artists around the world are creating acid music anew. Neo acid, as it’s called, is a big trend in the club scene.

But I only belong there partly. Sure, I love acid and this might be characterized as somnolent acid. But for starters, the record is a bit too low-key to work on the dance floors. Adding to that, I’ve chosen to make the songs poly rhythmic, hence TM404 is more related to composers like Steve Reich than acid legends such as Adonis and Maurice.

Forthcoming shows

05 April: Taipei, Taiwan
11 April: Tokyo, Japan
13 April: Nagano, Japan

Artists: TM404
Title: TM404
Label: Kontra-Musik Records
Format: Vinyl 12” and digital
Cat.No.: km029/kmcd04
Vinyl release date: 2013/01/30
Digital release date: 2013/02/27


  2. _________________________________________
  3. 01 - Berghain 303/303/303/606 01
  4. 02 - 303/303/303/303/606/606
  5. 03 - 202/303/303/303/606/606
  6. 04 - 101/303/303/303/606/808
  7. 05 - Berghain 303/303/303/606 02
  8. 06 - 202/202/303/303/606
  9. 07 - Berghain 303/303/303/606 03
  10. 08 - Berghain 303/303/303/606 04