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We are thrilled to announce the return of the EE Polish series in conjunction with Unsound Festival, Krakow.
Highlighting Polish musicians, DJs and producers from thwe local scene – all of whom performed at this year’s 2018 Unsound Festival.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Łukasz Warna-Wiesławski and especially Paulina Żaczek for her patience whilst the EE site was down. Also a big shout out to Mat Schulz, the co-founder and artistic director of Unsound Festival – the world’s greatest Festival.


EE 506 | Resina – [album on Fat Cat in 2018]

Resina is a Polish cellist and composer signed by Fat Cat’s imprint 130701, which has now released two of her solo albums, including this year’s Traces. She’s very well known on local scene as a frequent collaborator of many artists in different genres. Solo, she’s carving her own way in modern classical indebted ambient music. Her second album Traces sees her expanding her sound palette, employing not only otherworldly soundscapes created from heavily looped and processed cello, but also wordless vocals and rhythms. These take inspiration from an obsession with damaged sacral objects, memory, survivors of violence and the ravages of time.

This might be the biggest mish-mash of genres in one podcast I’ve ever done – but that’s truly how I listen to the music. It contains some vocal and ritual stuff mixed with some of my favourite contemporary artists and composers, with no stick to any particular type. ~ Resina

Resina will release a new EP on 130701 with Ben Frost, Abul Mogard, Lotic and Ian William Craig remixes – to be announced early in the new year (2019)


EE 507 | KRY – [Intruder Alert]

Co-runner of Intruder Alert label, best known for her intense “all or nothing” sets. This year KRY played shows in London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka and Budapest and been working on her debut EP for Intruder Alert teasing the release with her latest track “Lost” – KRY dj’d at this year’s Unsound Festival on 13th October @ Hotel Forum.


EE 508 | Michał Wolski – [Eerie / Nonplus+]

Musician, producer focused on deep, detailed techno music • Nonplus Rec. • Eerie Rec. • Minicromusic Rec. • Technosoul • Recognition Rec. • Blank Slate Rec. • International Day Off Rec. • Lost In Ether Rec. • Silent Season Rec.

Upcoming Releases:
LP [Nonplus Rec.]
EP [Southern Lights Rec.]
VA EP [Monday Off Rec.]


EE 509 | Chino – [Shtum / Altered States]


Music producer and performer, graphic designer. Hails from Katowice, lives in Kraków. One of the founders of the Radar collective. Makes machines sing raw to touch your soul. Releases on Recognition, Holger, Altered States Tapes and Shtum.

Live set was recorded at We Are Radar vs Digital Tsunami Night at Szpitalna 1 on May 25th 2018. 100% hardware setup, no computers, no stress.


EE 510 | RRRKRTA – [Brutaż fame]

Involved with Brutaż and Światło parties plus the Brutaż label. A proud to be resident of Szpitalna 1 in Kraków.

This mix was recorded live in one take, from records, as usual, with plenty on my mind. I borrowed a mixer (from DJ Dzuma), then my neighbour called the police and had a meltdown just when I started – it was just 7PM! – So I had to head back to Dzuma’s place and quickly recorded it there. This is a good place to give a shout out to his party – SYNTETYK is a gorgeous night, may it live forever ~ RRRKRTA

All 5 mixes are available to stream / download on the EE SoundCloud channel > HERE <