NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“The mix for Electronic Explorations is intended as a summary of the musical influences that inspired Violet Poison and Shapednoise. It starts with conceptual and abstract music getting more and more noisy and extreme till the end. The mix is like a journey through the various ages of electronic music.”

Violet Poison is an experimental/hybrid Techno vinyl-only label, run by mysterious Violet Poison and Berlin artist Shapednoise, inspired by the greatest Italian horror-movies directors from the 1960-1970’s decades and from obscure producers of vintage electronica, harsh noise/industrial music and IDM (like Suzanne Ciani, Clock DVA, Prurient, Justin Broadrick, SPK, Venetian Snares etc.).
Label started on 2011 with a solo 3-tracker stomping production by Violet Poison and continued with the first collaboration between Violet Poison and Shapednoise under the pseudonym Violetshaped that featured an acidic and extreme 3-tracker EP.

On September 2012, label released the first in a series of remix packages: Violetshaped project with reworks by Vatican Shadow, Roly Porter and Kangding Ray.
For the 2013 Violet Poison has planned to release the debut album by Violetshaped and will be followed by the second part of the remixes series featuring important experimental names from the techno and experimental scene.

Outside label work, Violet Poison and Shapednoise under their pseudonym Violetshaped, will participate to “The Unknown Precept’s” book+vinyl project that will feature important artists on the dark/industrial side such as like Regis, Emptyset, Adam X, Ancient Methods, Vatican Shadow, Svreca etc.
Shapednoise will have also his solo debut album on limited-edition cassette on legendary Dominick Fernow’s (Prurient/Vatican Shadow) Hospital Productions imprint, of which a track is included within this mix, we hope you enjoy this as much as we have piecing it together.



  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 238 - Violet Poison
  2. _______________________________________________
  3. [01] - Luigi Russolo - Macchina Tipografica
  4. [02] - John Wiese & C. Spenser Yeh - Live in Nottingham - Part One
  5. [03] - Holly Herndon - Terminal
  6. [04] - Shapednoise - As Others See Us [Forthcoming 'Hospital Productions']
  7. [05] - Ekoplekz - Ringstone round
  8. [06] - Schnawwl - Weisst Du Denn Was Das Heisst, Krieg?
  9. [07] - L.A.S.'s Crime - Ten Fingers Man
  10. [08] - Arthur Russel - The Platform On The Ocean
  11. [09] - Cut Hands - Nzambi la Muini
  12. [10] - Greymachine - We are all fucking liars
  13. [11] - Jesu - Hard to Reach
  14. [12] - Techno Animal - Cruise Mode
  15. [13] - Architect - Stupid Anus
  16. [14] - Venetian Snares - Ketsarku Mozgalom
  17. [15] - Squarepusher - Come On My Selector
  18. [16] - Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn