NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation


Well first of all, I’m not a DJ, I don’t do mix tapes, I don’t even have any electronic music I could mix, literally speaking. no decks or DJ software. I’m always quite nervous to make these kinds of mixes, I only did a few and at least once i recall a major web site refused to air it…

It’s a big challenge to put music together i like, under an hour. it’s impossible actually, I had to leave out so much stuff i love.

So I made a conscious decision to not include any hip hop, odd enough as hip hop is the music I listen most these days. Somehow I couldn’t choose only few hip hop tracks and leave out all the good stuff out there. i think it deserves a mix on its own…

There are few bits i’m very much indebted for in the mix. the Zappa guitar solo kills every time. Madonna cover by Youth is amazing. There’s even a current (relatively speaking) house track i like, One Day by Juan MacLean. few classics from various genres I’m influenced by. As there was so little time, and so much music to choose from, I decided to include only the strongest bits of the songs and just rudely glue them together one after another in my studio workstation.



“With Kuopio, Raster-Noton releases the second full length album by Vladislav Delay (aka Sasu Ripatti). The record features eight new songs which allow the listener to dive into Delay’s cosmos of deep and likewise organic sounds. Subtle yet complex electronic manipulations are used, resulting in a high degree of variation within every single track and a nearly imperceptible intensification of their density.

Progressive and energetic rhythms play an important role as already indicated in his recent release ‘Espoo’ (r-n141), the EP which forms a bridge between his former album Vantaa (r-n136) and Kuopio, best illustrated by the track “Kulkee”, meaning “to move forward”.

Kuopio clearly represents a further attempt to depict the Finnish landscape as well as its isolated charm, which is also obvious from its design and conceptional approach by referring to the city of Kuopio.”


  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 229 - Vladislav Delay [Raster Noton]
  2. ________________________________________________________
  3. Rob Booth (1st Part)
  4. Kyle Hall & Kero - Zug Island - [Wild Oats]
  5. DeFeKT - Trigger In - [Forthcoming 'Signal Code Records']
  6. Tr/er - Bros001 - [Brothers]
  7. Ugandan Methods - Imperium - [Boomkat Editions]
  8. MPIA3 - Ridge Way - [Forthcoming 'R&S']
  9. MPIA3 - Roly Poly Babs - [Forthcoming 'R&S']
  10. Lee Gamble - Razor - [PAN]
  11. Loops Haunt - mun Rhul - [Forthcoming 'Black Acre']
  12. Loops Haunt - ZENITH - [Forthcoming 'Black Acre']
  13. Jabu - Still (lyrics by Kahn) - [Astro;Dynamics]
  14. Raime - The Dimming of Road and Rights - [Blackest Ever Black]
  15. Vladislav Delay – Osottava – [Raster Noton]
  16. ___________________________
  17. Vladislav Delay - Influences Mix
  18. Slayer - South Of Heaven
  19. M.I.A. - Born Free
  20. Tricky - Black Steel
  21. Me'shell Ndegeocello - Sloganeer
  22. Bob Dylan - Love Sick
  23. Heikki Kuula - Paskannan Sieluusi
  24. PPP - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
  25. Coldcut feat. Robert Owens - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwartz remix)
  26. Azealia Banks - Esta Noche
  27. Juan MacLean - One Day
  28. Vortex Original Disco - Black Box Disco
  29. Inner City - Good Life (Original 12" Mix)
  30. MJ Cole - Sincere
  31. Ciccone Youth - Into The Groove(y)
  32. Clandestine feat. Ned Sublette - Radio Rhythm (Dub)
  33. Certain General - Back Downtown
  34. Frank Zappa - Muffin Man
  35. Miles Davis - Rated X (Bill Laswell Mix)
  36. John Coltrane - Resolution
  37. Ike Yard - Dull Life
  38. Ike Yard - Loss
  39. Dominatrix - City That Never Sleeps
  40. Louie Lepkie - Top Juggling
  41. I Roy - Sidewalk Killer
  42. Curtis Mayfield - We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue