NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“This mix was recorded with Electronic Explorations, and Rob, in mind. I’ve spent the last few years carving a niche for BleeD as the place to hear the most involved and, at times, confrontational electronic music in London, but that isn’t to say I don’t like a sustained techno groove as much as the next guy. I wanted to put together a collection of some of the better deep and heady club-oriented records that I’ve come across lately, placing a handful of unsung heroes alongside some titans of techno. The focus is on subtle forward momentum, with most of the work going on behind and in front of the ubiquitous kick. So often, the default tone of the letfield is harder, darker, industrial-er… but in making a connection with the listener, yes LISTENER, that needn’t always be the case.” – Volte-Face

Tinkering away in the background, building up his mini BleeD empire, somewhere along the line Casper ‘Volte-Face’ Clark forgot to remind himself and the world that he was a DJ first and foremost. Such a labour of love doesn’t happen without blood, sweat and tears being shed, the overall sense of purpose and pride assuaged by the perennial set-backs to be found as a patron of the underground. Confronted by gentrification, apathy and the rise of the ‘deep’ and unmeaningful, BleeD troops on regardless, and London would be a less substantial place without them.


BleeD has come to be associated with mini revolutions, audacious club experiments and the restless pursuit for new sounds and new challenges. It’s where British Murder Boys forged a brief comeback, Raime, Demdike Stare and Oneohtrix Point Never ‘rocked’ ‘dancefloors’, Charles Cohen, White Material, Holly Herndon, Frak and Bee Mask played their London debuts (to name but 5!), and Karenn, Surgeon, Regis and countless others put a fakkin’ donk on it. They host Rinse’s most out-there show, and helm’s brilliant ‘Experimental’ segment. We can also expect the first fruits of Volte-Face’s studio labours in the not too distant future.

Volte-Face will be DJ’g at fabric, Friday 15th August as part of Daniel Avery‘s new residency – Divided Love

Following the recent announcement of its Summer programme, FABRICLIVE is very proud to unveil full details of Divided Love, the first instalment of a brand new residency piloted by long-time fabric associate, Daniel Avery. “The lineup for the first event is a perfect summary of what I want the night to be about,” he continues. “Factory Floor, the best live band in the world right now, legendary dystopian electro heads Dopplereffekt, Golden Pudel resident and acid machine Helena Hauff plus BleeD’s main man Volte-Face on warm-up duties.”

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7th June : Field Day Festival (Bugged Out Stage)
19th June : St John Sessions w/ Demdike Stare, Laurel Halo, Shackleton
27th June : Bepotel x Vlek @ Recyclart, Brussels w/ Heatsick, Stellar Om Source
25th July : Leitmotif at Corsica Studios w/ Morphosis, Bleaching Agent, Huerco S
7th August : Beacons Festival (RA Stage)
15th August : Fabric w/ Dopplereffekt, Helena hauff, Daniel Avery, Factory Floor


  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 319 - Volte-Face (Come Closer Mix)
  2. _______________________________________________________
  3. 01. Gert Jan-Prins - Timpani Basso Ritmo (Editions Mego)
  4. 02. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Gore Musik (Epistrophy)
  5. 03. Jorge Velez - Blood And Bone (L.I.E.S)
  6. 04. Brian Eno - Markgraph (All Saints Records)
  7. 05. Atom TM - Ich Bin Meine Maschine (Raster-Noton)
  8. 06. Metasplice - Prismatic Sway (Morphine) / Gesloten Cirkel - Stakanapella (Murder Capital)
  9. 07. Rrose - Worn/Scarred (Eaux)
  10. 08. Aurora Halal - Overpass (Mutual Dreaming)
  11. 09. Furesshu - Downstate (Steadfast)
  12. 10. Mike Parker - Vanadium (Geophone)
  13. 11. Tobias - Ya Po (Ostgut Ton)
  14. 12. Rolando - Time Adjustment (R3 Roland Rocha Records)
  15. 13. Battles - Inchworm (Silent Servant Remix Edit)
  16. 14. Actress - Ghosts Have A Heaven (Prime Numbers)
  17. 15. D’Marc Cantu - Good (M>O>S)
  18. 16. Kobosil - Path (Marcel Dettmann Records)
  19. 17. Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa - Atlantic Ave (The Corner)
  20. 18. Steffi - Attacke (Bleep Green Series)
  21. 19. Iori - Wave (Phonica White)
  22. 20. Woo York - Come Closer (Planet Rhythm)
  23. 21. Peter Van Hoesen - Transitional State 1 (Time To Express)
  24. 22. Planetary Assault Systems - Future Modular (Mote-Evolver)
  25. 23. Laurel Halo - Sex Mission (Hyperdub)
  26. 24. Frank B - Phosphenes (Where To Now?)
  27. 25. Ben Klock - Compression Session 1 (Ostgut Ton)
  28. 26. Morphosis - Impulse (Dekmantel)
  29. 27. Edit Select - Circling (Prologue)
  30. 28. Gert-Jan Prins - Timpani Basso Ritmo (Editions Mego)