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Zeitgeber is the duo of Speedy J and Lucy. Both renowned techno artists in their own  right, they’ve teamed up together to create a spellbinding album of abstract electronics. As  the owner of Electric Deluxe, Speedy J has overseen one of modern techno’s finest  imprints. He was there at techno’s beginnings as a DJ and producer, and he continues to  stand at its avant-garde, pushing his artists and himself to continue to innovate.

The same  goes for Stroboscopic Artefacts head Lucy, whose young imprint has never failed to  impress in its ambition and output. Lucy has a clear vision of what he wants with his  imprint, and across the label’s three album releases you can see that it has been  achieved. Zeitgeber marks a new era for Stroboscopic Artefacts. But it’s business as usual  for both Speedy J and Lucy, two of techno’s leading lights.  [Words: Todd L. Burns]


  1. Zeitgeber - 352 (Warehouse Sessions 013)
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