NOW ON BANDCAMP 50+ Exclusive Tracks on the Electronic Explorations Compilation

“I chose to focus on the less dance floor orientated sounds for this mix and instead tried to compile a selection of tunes that I would want to listen to. It is a mix highlighting some of the music currently coming out of Bristol that I find most exciting as well as tracks that have informed the music we make as Zhou. I tried to capture the atmosphere of the music scene in Bristol at the moment, not just putting in Young Echo Collective stuff but also trying to showcase people like Ossia (Peng Sound) and Hicha (definitely one to keep an eye on!). I also tried to keep it relatively short as I didn’t want to confuse things with too may disparate sounds – There are a few forthcoming bits in there too so watch out for those.” – ‘Amos Zhou’

Collaborative album “Young Echo Collective” – ‘Nexus’ from the Young Echo crew is due out via RAMP on May 27th — Next gig is July 19th at Exchange in Bristol

Bio: Zhou is a UK soundsytem act formed of digital stepper Ishan Sound and Amos, one half of Hip Hop duo Jabu.
Both are members of Bristol based crew Young Echo, whose members also include El Kid , Kahn & Vessel, as well as a sprawling extended group of Djs and vocalists.
Shows are focused around a continuation of soundsystem culture and an aim to uphold certain key values in a time where dance music in general is moving in increasingly rapid cycles.
2013 will see the second physical release via the mighty Punch Drunk and a number of individual and collaborative releases including a Young Echo album with RAMP



  1. ELECTRONIC EXPLORATIONS - 263 - Zhou __________________
  2. K.L Saigal - Madhukar Shyam Hamare Chor
  3. El Kid - Deconstruct (Zhou remix)
  4. William Basinski - Melancholia VIII
  5. Ossia - Last Efforts
  6. Leonard Santic All Stars - Problems #2
  7. Horace Andy - Problems
  8. Big Joe - Jah Guide
  9. Ekoplekz - Devil Mixture
  10. Filter Dread - Zone Transform
  11. Killing Sound - Six Harmonies
  12. Giant Swan - What's Going To Happen To All Of Us?
  13. Dariush Dolat-Shahi - Sabastān
  14. Ossia - Struggle 33
  15. Zhou - Noboru (version)
  16. Ape - Shiva
  17. El Kid - We Need Mirrors (Killing Sound remix)
  18. Talat Mahmood & Sajjad Hussain - Yeh Hawa Yeh Raat Yeh Chandni
  19. Hicha - Music For Cities